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    Mid Day raider? Do we have a server?

    I use to be a hardcore raider.
    Due to my business and IRL commitments I can no longer play in the Evenings like most Guilds.
    I've raided competitively from vanilla till MOP in which I went casual due to my schedule.

    My question to the community is:
    Would it be best to raid with Eu or oceananic guilds because of time zones?

    Any casual guilds in the US that raid 11am to about 3-4pm?

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    It's a hard life for mid day raiders

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    One of the best daytime guilds resides horde side on Runetotem. Exiled from Hell. I raided with them when I had a messed up work schedule and worked overnights. They raided I believe it was 11am-3pm EST. Unless things have changed, might be worth checking them out. http://efhguild.com/home

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    The Convert to Raid POdcast created an alliance side Guild on Aiery Peak and they have 3 guilds worth of members whom you could find a raid guild with. They have so many members that they constantly have pick up groups and you are more likely to find a wierd hour raid group there than anywhere else.

    The chose a server that was balanced but now since the convert to raid Guilds dropped its more Alliance than horde.

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    Check out http://www.daytimeraiding.enjin.com/ for Daytime/afternoon guilds. It is where I found my current guild, Reviction, when I switched to nights a few years ago.

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    Thank you!!

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    If you're solid check us out, looks like someone mentioned Exiled From Hell on Runetotem already
    and I can confirm that we still raid the same times. 11am - 3pm EST. Currently 11/13H.
    If we don't have Lei Shen down this week something is seriously wrong. www.efhguild.com

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