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    Would have been better if they asked if they could invite you to their group, but by pulling those stunts to grief you they made themselves into the bad guys in this scenario.

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    Quote Originally Posted by RaZDaZ View Post
    If they try to harass you again, just think of it as social facilitation. You'll do better with people watching you.
    The more time they spend fucking with you, the more time you have to get to the next warbringer to tap.
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    Blizzard set it up so that when people from your own faction show up, it's a bad thing.

    So, do whatever you feel like doing within that broken framework.

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    I'm a hunter and I can consistently solo the warbringers.
    Something else that is consistent is the amount of people who somehow manage to find a way to take personal offense to this.

    Maybe I'm a little selfish, but since there is pretty much no chance for me to die unless someone directly interferes with the mob, I never invite others or accept invites. The only drop that actually interests me is the big and small bags of supplies. I've grouped with people who claim to not want anything but mounts or rep tokens, but I've been burned every time I listened to that, so now I just go it alone.

    The most important thing to remember is that it's always best to just ignore these people. If they are actively trying to break your tag in any way, though, you can put in a report. It may not doing much if anything at all, but a while back, Blizzard stated that trying to break tags from these mobs in any way is considered against the rules and worthy of account action.

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    If you can solo it, go for it. The people who think (and I've seen this said in forums, believe it or not) that soloing and taking the drops for yourself instead of benevolently allowing people to leech off you for kills is wrong - they're entitled morons.
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    I never really thought I was in the wrong, but you never know how others think. When I pointed out that he was the one griefing and being rude he responded, "you are not making me the bad guy in this situation". The best part about the exchange with the two individuals is that I kept calm and replied courteously and what I thought was in a logical manner. They just kept insulting and insisting that I was being rude to groups trying to farm them by screwing up the reset timers.

    Thanks for the validation that I am not crazy lol.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Normie View Post
    Blizzard set it up so that when people from your own faction show up, it's a bad thing.

    So, do whatever you feel like doing within that broken framework.
    Why am I not surprised to see you blaming a few lines of code for the behavior of others?

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    I see no harm whatsoever if people solo these. I did it and managed to get all mounts a while back on my dk.
    I did not see this kind of harrassment but some people from alliance side did screw me over a couple of times. This though I dont see as bad as if it were some from the Horde (same side as me), as I made my decision to stay on pvp realms.
    I dont see people camping Timelost protodrake whining about tags either so

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    Quote Originally Posted by ACES View Post
    Nothing either party in this situation did was wrong. If you can solo the Warbringers, that's excellent. But it's also within reason for those people to try and stop you, even if they are from your faction. When I go Warbringer farming with a group, we always try and steal the tag if another party is attempting to kill one, even if they're from our faction.
    Just because you -can- do it doesn't mean you should. So while either party was certainly able to do what they did, they are not equally right.

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    Your tag, your kill. Ignore those trying to diminish that, regardless of faction. They don't own these mobs any more than you do, nor are you obliged to do anything for them. They tried to take it from you, that makes them in the wrong here. Keep going your own way and more power to you, OP.

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