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    Even more Shadow Priest questions

    As you've stated in other threads, the Light magics are used selflesslessly, while Shadow magics are based around selfishness.

    I discovered that this guy wrote a really interesting article on how Gryffindor and Slytherin are actually very similar in many ways, despite being rivals and portrayed throughout the first few books. http://www.mugglenet.com/editorials/...-siria01.shtml
    The biggest difference, ironically is that Gryffindors are selfless and care about what others think of them, while Slytherins have "honor" in more of a selfish way. But, one of the biggest themes of Deathly Hallows is that Harry finally begins to see all of the parallels between himself, Voldemort, and Snape.

    Personally, I think it's kind of a shame that the Light and Shadow cannot be used together, because I, personally, would really like the idea of RPing a Priest who's friendly and a counselor much like the rest of her friends, but who is having kind of an "idealistic rebel" against the established order, assuring her friends who aren't part of the Church that the Shadow really isn't that bad as long as you balance it with Light and use it very carefully - all without letting the wrong person know and getting excommunicated. Because like I said in another thread, I've always tended to dislike the approach to life of many Warriors and Paladins, and I tend to enjoy RPing characters that are more on their own side than their faction's.

    When I created my Priest character, I wanted her to have some degree of self-centeredness and independent-mindedness - because I felt that was more realistic than making her a Mary Sue, always-does-the-right-thing kind of person. Basically, although she does firmly believe in the Light's virtues, is friendly to most people outwardly, and enjoys helping others with problems, she has at the same time always had trouble meeting the higher-ups as superiors because for one thing, she dislikes their approach to leadership, and secondly, to do so would be to admit that she is not unique.

    So a couple of questions:

    1. Is my problem here that I am using the wrong definition for "selfish"? Does a Shadow Priest have to be selfish in the sense of not wanting to help anyone but themselves, rather than just having an individualistic view about themselves?

    2. Do you *really* think a Warlock would be a better fit for this type of person??? Because if so, that would really surprise me, given how much the lore states that Fel magic is extremely corrupting and that most if not all people become Warlocks out of a selfish desire for power at any cost; thus they would (presumably) have pretty much the same personality as a Shadow Priest. Fel magic seems to be held in the same taboo view anyway.
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    One problem with the priests' shadow magic is how little actual lore there is about it. Another is that Blizzard seems to slap the name 'shadow' on every magic that appears sinister in nature at first glance. Warlocks, Spriests and Death Knights all use shadow magic, despite having very different sources for their powers (Demons, unknown, and the Lich King respectively (which, granted, can be seen as demons-by-proxy).

    I think another question you want to ask yourself is 'where does my character draw her power from'? Warlocks gain power by striking bargains with demons, which usually end up one dominating the other (the more powerful the demon, the less likely the Warlock will end up on top). Does this seem like something your character would do? If not, then being a Warlock is not for her.

    Secondly, what *is* the Shadow? Unless I'm mistaken, the shadow magic warlocks wield is corrupted arcane magic, while the Shadow of Shadow Priests seems to be an antithesis to the Light. Not something that necessarily counters the other Shadows of demons and undead, but rather something that is the direct opposite, and possibly has to be kept in balance with each other (this, indeed, is the central belief of the Forsaken's Cult of Forgotten Shadow).
    My personal theory is that Shadow Priests draw power from the Old Gods (most likely without knowing it), and I support this by the fact that many of their spells center around manipulating the minds of their targets, be it subtly, by looking through their eyes, or less so, by either controlling or downright damaging them. Playing with the minds of others seems to be the Old Gods' forte, especially Yog'Saron, and their minions are quite fond of using shadow magic themselves.

    As for your character, she seems very interesting as a priest. 'Selfish' can be interpreted in many ways. It could just be doing your own thing because you don't like what those above you want you to do. Just wanting power for the sake of having that power is a very Warlock thing to do.

    Anyway, I have no idea how helpful this was. I just enjoy speculating about the Shadow out loud.

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