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    Heroic Iron Qon

    Can I just say this fight is bullshit? Countless times I was hit with Lightning Storm just as our group was stacking for Scorched and immediately hit by Flaming Spear. Now that I vented, any Elemental Shaman tips (or any class/role tips) for this fight? We are doing it on 10 man as summer attendance screwed our 25 man.

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    This guy does extensive 10 man videos. He recently started editing them to have a quick version.
    His long versions are still worth it as you can skip ahead from his description section, where he has a hyper-linked table of contents.

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    Stack (with 2 other ranged) for Scorched just after Flaming Spear lands. Getting hit by Lighting Storm while stacked is not a big deal at all.

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