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    looking for rogue animations for alliance

    Hi, I'm trying to pick which race to pick for a rogue, and I'd like to see all aliance male rogue animations.
    I'm pretty sure I've seen websites for that purpose before, but now I can't find any.
    Basically I'd like to see all backstab animations, and other spells.
    Does anyone know where I can find that? And if not, than are there any recommendations solely based on animations for alliance male rogue race?

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    my recomendation would be "wait for new player models", since they are most likely coming with the next expansion.
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    there arent any guides on animations as far as im aware but if you go on wowhead there is the option to look at armour in 3d - and from that you can choose animations along with race and gender, perhaps that would be useful to look at?

    also, i recommend pandaren female, since pandarens themselves have very nice animations being new, but a lot of people also use human female for larger daggers or the pvp racial.
    edit: you said male only, in which case human male, since nelf looks dire, gnome is too small to see animations, pandaren male arent what i would say stereotypically roguey, dwarves are, again, too small.

    hope this helps!
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    You can use the model viewer on wowhead to see different animations. Just load up some piece of gear or set of gear and then you can view different animations from a scroll down window.

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    Or.. You could just go to character creation screen, pick rogue class and wait. It will go through all the animations one by one with a ~10sec intervall. Thought everyone knew this :P

    EDIT: Sorry You have to create a rogue, then at character selection you wait for around 30sec for it too start.

    EDIT 2: Tried now to confirm it, but seems they removed this lol ... So nvm my post -.-
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    wow model viewer

    its a nifty little program
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    Thanks guys. Wowhead is probably what I was thinking, and wow model viewer is great as well.
    Thanks again for everyone's input.

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    really nice animations are worgen's ... since it's a new race and tailored with more care than the rest .
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    Quote Originally Posted by Arian21 View Post
    really nice animations are worgen's ... since it's a new race and tailored with more care than the rest .
    forgot about worgen - male worgen is nice too!
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