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    AdBlock - Why It's Wrong

    I myself was using Adblock for while, but then I realized how much it actually hurts companies, websites, and various people who depend on this to make their money. Sure you may think that a single person (yourself) blocking ads is not going to hurt them but when everyone else is doing it too it really adds up.

    Take twitch streams for example like Towellie whos every day job is streaming and providing excitement and entertainment for the gaming community. If all of a sudden his yearly income went from $50,000 down to $10,00 a year, he can no longer support himself or his family all because you didn't feel like watching a 15 or 30 second advertisement. And this just doesn't pertain to YouTube or twitch...what about your favorite website you visit each and every day like MMO champion. They have ads on their website as well. If you aren't viewing those ads to help support your favorite website then what happens when they announce they have to shut down because they now have no operating income because you couldn't bother to see a small ad on the side of your screen.

    It really does go much deeper than this so if you wish you can watch my video where I really go in depth about the serious damage AdBlock causes to everyone.

    [I deleted the video because people can't seem to handle opinions. But feel free to continue this discussion on blocking ads. I however am done]
    Sorry, but I had to step back in and defend my stance.

    I do NOT support AdBlock and never will again. THAT is my opinion. I deleted the video because all it was doing was attracting negative attention because people didn't agree with what I was saying which is fine. But they were also leaving terrible comments and insults that just aren't necessary. I can handle being disagreed with and so you should be able to handle me trying to defend my stance on the matter and not have people get all bent out of shape.

    It's obvious that people have strong opinions on this matter and it's also apparent most people here don't agree with NOT using AdBlock so me trying to convince the hundreds on people here saying they will continue to use it is pointless. So I am done. Continue on discussing without me. Just because I can't convince others doesn't mean my stance changes.

    What is wrong with me saying that?
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    i have three words for you: MALWARE/VIRUSES/TROJANS. until companies vet their ads better adblock shall remain.
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    Maybe if the ads weren't intrusive/annoying it wouldn't be as necessary. Not to mention that ads can be compromised.
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    You are a legend thats why.

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    make ALL adds mute and stop them appearing in the middle of my screen and I will disable adblock.

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    There is too many ads out there that are downright annoying, break the mute button , try to install malware on your machine . So I just block them all

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    I don't want to see ads. Ever. I will not stop using AdBlock. Ever.

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    If the adds weren't so god damn intrusive to my browser i would have no problem with them, until that point i will block them. People like towel and others suffer im sure, but basing your life around an internet stream is risky anyways and im sure he did his homework that most people will block adds.

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    Until ads become less intrusive, not full of bugs, skippable, ignorable, ill continue using it. Ads are beyond annoying.

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    Whitelist the sites you like and browse frequently. Problem solved.

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    As many have said. Once ads play muted automatically and they can stop installing crap on your machine they'll stay blocked. If it wasn't for the loud ads and the ones that can infect your machine most people wouldn't be blocking them in the first place.

    Quote Originally Posted by Jerion View Post
    Whitelist the sites you like and browse frequently. Problem solved.
    Problem is even doing that some of your favorite sites have annoying ads and have had at some point compromising ads.

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    Anything with laws being passed

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    Fairly sure I remember Mike B mentioning him being fine with people blocking adds if they were completely uninteresting / unrelated / not targeted at you in the slightest.

    Could be wrong, but I think my memory is working for once - earned major respect from me when he's willing to say something like that despite the adds obviously helping his income.

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    Yeah some websites make ads just too bad. If you want to put 20 ads on the bottom of my screen that don't speak, don't pop out, don't block the rest of the screen, then okay I won't turn adblock on, but otherwise the way these people are advertising is just annoying.

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    Lol are u kidding me

    I hate advertisements so much - hate more than the devil

    Radio commercials ARE THE WORST

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    You buy ad space on sites, don't you...

    I don't trust that companies aren't gladly taking money for ads that may be unsafe, I've gotten viruses before from sites that were always safe before and could only assume it was the ad. And of course the owner claimed their site was safe and takes no responsibly over it, yet I'm left to figure out how to fix a problem now that was inflicted on my property without permissions. If people want to advertise then someone needs to invent a new way to do it that isn't nearly risky or intrusive.
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    Ads are intrusive and annoying, purposely to grab your attention while you do something else. I use my computer for my reason and being distracted by adverts is just a waste of time. I wouldn't mind if they were more passive and you could work around them, but by nature they are designed to distract.

    I could go on and on but you know what I mean.

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    Yeah, they can go screw themselves until they can keep their damn adds secure and not make them auto-play at max volume or cover the entire screen.

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    Oh boohoo, Mr. lazy streamer man can't make a decent wage from sitting around on his ass talking about nothing important to the world, whatever shall we do. If it's such a big concern, maybe he should get a real job, even possibly in the actual entertainment industry, put those "skills" to some use.

    If you're going to white knight things, try to pick a better tool to garner sympathy. Using a lazy streamer, who makes more money per year than a large portion of the people in America getting the shaft because people don't want to be inconvenienced by ads, isn't going to do anything.

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    yeah, no i'll keep my adblock thanks.

    look, ive been using chrome for about 2months now, a little more, and ive blocked 200k ads, thats how many you see, its bloody annoying.
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    If companies want money from me they can provide something I'm actually willing to pay for. If it means websites I currently use go down because they can't pay without ad revenue then oh well. If they were worth paying for/the inconvenience of ads I would have offered to pay for it/watch the ads already.

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