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    Heroic Horridon: fury advice needed

    Pushing heroic horridon at the moment and just wondering if anyone had any tips/tricks from a fury warrior perspective to pull the most damage as possible. Talents, glyphs, CD usage, general advice?

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    Easiest way to do H horridon is to outgear it. Hear it from someone who wipe 60 times prior to upgrades.

    Fury advice:
    1. Take ww glyph which is also crucial for direhorn spirit
    2. Damage on key Adds is key for progression. Back peddle and use the extended range of ww to keep yourself out of sand, poison and frozen orbs. Your adds tank will be moving. Back peddle with him (even if it means you have to hit adds from front), if you trail the adds with him pulling, higher chance you soak up their shit. Use single target burst for first venom priest and depending on group dps, you can either do AOE rotation or continue single target for the next few priests and effusions. Single target frozen warlords. Suggest using dragon roar for your progression instead of BS
    3. Use disrupting shout for venom priests + effusions
    4. On fourth door, go onto the flame caster and interrupt. Ask your add tank to take the shaman away from te door so the lightning totems don't drop on you.
    5. Don't be too concerned if your damage appears low on the tries.. Significant bump in the final burn phase
    6. Don't use your heroic leap which should be glyphed unnecessarily. This is your life saver when you get surrounded by crap.. Or when you get charged and need to position horridon properly

    Good luck!
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    Thanks for that. I was tossing up between dragons roar and bladestorm, but even tried shockwave to try and help out with add management (but the key adds weren't stunnable). SMF at the moment (2 x heroic world breakers) so not sure I'm getting max. value from bladestorm. Bladestorm did seem to be lining up pretty well for those times where the adds felt like they were borderline overwhelming (right about when the dinomancer pops). Only have normal axe off lei shen and the sha touched axe off sha for TG so not sure that TG is going to be an overall loss I'd think.
    Have to say though, this fight is a bit of a downer for me. Probably the first fight were I legitimately feel I'm being carried. It seems to be a horrible fight for melee in general.

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    Dont worry about dps charts before burn phase, usually ranged dps do more damage to Horridion hence they have more damage overall, but the important damage you deal to adds that matters.
    Remember that warriors are very good on this encounter, they bring Rallying Cry and Demo Banner as raid cooldowns especially when you have War God and Dire Call incoming that can save a lot of people.
    Get yourself macro to hit Direhorn Spirit, These pink dinos tend to spawn @ 20% when i am ready for execute phase so watch where it lands.
    /tar Direhorn Spirit
    /cast heroic throw
    /cast Throw
    Regarding Bladestorm vs Dragons Roar, you should choose where you have the most issues, if adds dont die quick enough go Bladestorm if you need more single target dps Dragons Roar is your friend.

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    As a TG fury warrior who only just downed Horridon Heroic 10 man last night, here's my input...

    Like others have said, forget about your dps and concentrate on killing prio mobs, interupting and staying alive (i.e. keep away from sand, orbs, poison, totems, double swipe/charge). Turn off Recount or Skada so you don't have the distraction of a DPS meter. Like others have said, your dps will likely be low compared to most other classes prior to the final phase - at least mine was. However, in the final phase you will be critting 2 million+ Executes so that will bump you up.

    I interupted the 1st Priest and the one that spawns from Horridon's tale on gate 2. I was also assigned to interupt and kill the Flame Casters on gate 4. As a warrior you are the King of interupts with your Charge, Pummel and Distrupting Shout, and even Dragon's Roar for the knockback, so if you are on the mob then they shouldn't ever be able to cast something nasty on the raid.

    Save Heroic Leap to get out of a tight spot, to move to the other side of Horridon, or jump in his face when he is about to charge you.

    I saved my Rallying Cry for raid emergencies because the healers seemed to be dealing OK with the Dire Call. I also popped it and Demo Banner after the War God died to help the healers with the sudden damage spike on the Horridon tank when he went nuts.

    I think I used Skull Banner and Recklessness at times when mobs were starting to overwhelm us, and if I remember I had it for the Execute phase on Horridon - although I'm not certain of that because by that point the fight was a blur - I was in some sort of berserker-like killing trance and the beer was kicking in!!!

    You can help the healers a bit by jumping to Defensive Stance prior to a Dire Call or if a mob starts wailing on you. Just remember to get back into Battle Stance or mobs will start sticking to you!! Die by the Sword if you are getting beat on too much by an add or two.

    I tried the Throw macro and using the Whirlwind Glyph (to add an extra 4 yards) and found using Whirlwind better for dealing with the Direhorn Spirit. The problem with the Throw macro is that you need to be standing still and you lose dps time on Horridon. At least with Whirlwind you can keep moving and still do damage to the boss - although you will be "wasting" rage on an ability that does less damage than others. I just used Whirlwind and kited around Horridon a bit. Again, Heroic Leap is great for getting away from the Direhorn. Be thankful that you don't get one until near the end of the fight!! There were a few times when he was right on me but he never hit me so don't panic - I think his attack range is short.

    So, use your utility and mobility, and forget about your DPS. I am sure your raid leader will appreciate you more because you stayed alive and helped to stop a lot of damage hitting the raid than being number 1 DPS. You are not being carried, you are being a team player which is what counts on most heroic progression fights.

    BTW: Prior to the kill last night my guild had tried countless times with 3 melee in the 10m raid. Last night it was just me and a rogue. In my opinion, Horridon is a rough fight for melee so if your raid is melee heavy then that could be a reason for not getting a kill.

    Lastly, its disheartning to think that after all your effort in trying to kill Horridon, that the loot he drops is complete garbage for a fury warrior

    Good luck Bro, and may the beard be with you... always.
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    Glyph raging wind and WW.

    /target direhorn spirit.
    /cast throw

    Use that macro in between GCDs to knock back the dino. Alternately, just run around Horridon, or use WW/RB to knock back.

    Either DR or BS work, depending on where you need damage the most. I normally rock DR. Popping it off the bat means it's up for when the first dinomancer drops.

    Manage meatcleaver stacks well. Don't just spam buttons. Play smart. BT on CD may end up with some wasted RB procs, but keeping enraged and hitting as many adds as possible with meatcleaver is more damage. That being said, often it's better to burn down 1 specific add than do max deeps, such as in the case of a venommancer or a the ice dudes on third door.

    Basically play smart and win.

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    This boss was a major co** block when it first came out and Early on in progression. It really gets much easier with gear.. Adds go down much faster and you don't get 1 shot by sand or poison or the flame caster fireball. Also the nerfs helped.
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    About cooldowns:
    Every 90seconds spawns a new dinomancer. This means you can use banner+reck a few seconds before he spawns at the first gate and the third gate, giving your raid a little extra dps, especially since the adds on door 3 have more hp than on other doors. Since you're still progressing on Horridon you probably don't have so much dps, so your timers should be ready for the execute phase.
    Personally I used demo banner+Cry at the Dire Call when 2 venom priests were up and at the jalak phase, because these were critical moments during our progression, but you can also ask your healers when they think they need a little damage reduction.

    Remember that you can't interrupt when you pick up an orb, so tell your ranged they have to press their button one time, when you're taking the orb at the second door.

    Disarm Jalak. It's worth the gcd.

    The dire beast isn't really a problem as melee, if you get it when Jalak is nearly dead or already dead. Just run around the boss in circles, you're faster than it. Theres no need to waste any attacks on it.

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    I found Bladestorm to be better during progression since our dps was not great and the adds really piled up on the last 3 doors. Also used the pummel glyph for extra damage during the adds since they were the main problem. I didn't know you could disarm jalak. Does it make him unable to do his shout for the duration or is it just tank damage? Tank damage never seemed problematic on jalak, only on horridon himself after he goes berserk.

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    I think it just reduces the tank damage, but I can't say for 100%

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