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    Private Message Character Limit

    -delete please, thanks
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    I honestly don't know. I imagine it's build into the forum software though and not much people can do about it
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    I think it's more about how rarely people go over the 10,000 limit, judging by the number of replies you (didn't) get. What I do is, when I hit the limit, I move the text over to pastebin, and then link the pastebin together with a short blurb in the private message. It doesn't really break the flow and you have a nice chronological sequence of messages. Maybe that works for you - unless you routinely go over 60,000 characters, which is pastebin's limit.

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    We don't want to increase the limit because it's a pretty rare case and we want to protect both servers and people from spam. Pastebin is a good idea though

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