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    Darkmoon rep (Grisly trophies)

    Hi! Is the only way for a level 90 to get trophies to run scenarios/heroic dungeons? I've read lots of comments of people saying they go to this and this spot in this and this zone in Pandaria to get their trophies, but I receive anything.


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    As far as I know, the grisly trophies you can get from just any mob in the open world and instances. But there are also pvp and dungeons artifacts you can collect for 2 other quests.

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    Mob must be of an appropriate level to you

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    There is a great spot in Jade Forest. Unfortunately, if I mention the place it will get nerfed into the ground.

    All I will say is, look for mobs that have the "minion" style nameplate instead of the full mob nameplate. These mobs have half the hp of regular level mobs. Also you can hit up Cata zones for mobs that are still green.

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    Great place I found is in Paoquan Hollow in Valley of the Four Winds.
    there are groups of 10 fireflies with ~30k hp each, most classes can nuke them down in 2 gcds

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    I head to Paoquan Hollow in Valley of the Four Winds and farm the mobs there. Usually takes me about 35 mins or so, as a lvl480 Ret paladin, depending if someone else is there or not.

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    Yeah, not getting anything from those..

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    Quote Originally Posted by bals View Post
    Great place I found is in Paoquan Hollow in Valley of the Four Winds.
    there are groups of 10 fireflies with ~30k hp each, most classes can nuke them down in 2 gcds
    This works for me. Also the small groups of hozen rockthrowers in the village above are easy to aoe too. Worst thing about the fireflies seems to be the slow respawn.
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    There are also flies in the Dread Wastes, right about where you first start questing (with the spiders and ghosts). Can fly between that place and Valley of the Four Winds really quick.

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    Just que up for AV, go into the Mining Caves, and kill shit-loads of those adds creatures in the caves. I can get like 50 in a couple of Mins.

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    The area outside the fishing dailies there is village full of hozen fighting pandaren its the new farming spot seen 2 streams on twitch.tv farming this place alot of greens and gold drops so why not kill 3 birds with 1 stone.
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    I get mine farming warbringers and warscouts... You get one trophy per mob plus if they have the scarab swarm ability - aoe and all the scarabs grant trophys too.

    Grinding trophys, pandaria rep, mounts and mats all at once

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    I usually get mine through pvping

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    If Bloodtip is up in Guo-Lai halls, her minions give out a lot.

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    Mob must either be a rare, an instance elite, or an enemy player.

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    Nope, any level appropriate mob is good to go.

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