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    Yes, there was a server restart at around 5AM this morning.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Derpaderp View Post
    Just logged on my DK (character I use for challenge mode boosts) and I got scarlet halls realm best on frostmane EU, the title is NOT accountwide, I just checked.
    When you check armory we're only rank 8 on the realm, but most of those other groups have been consisting of 3+ from random realms, however, 1 group is purely from frostmane with a better time, but doesn't count? Or maybe that's untill they log in and steal it, I guess.

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    lol erlend was those records set with 3+ people on frostmane, when you did it? And I think they don't count once people transfer away as well. just got SH realm record on my DK like when I logged on @8:30 AM today (thursday)

    yeeaaa.... my mage had all realm bests but i moved off -.-

    edit: logged on my sham and pala and I had 6 realm bests, taking them back today though
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    Quote Originally Posted by Arbeter View Post
    how do i do challange mode?
    You need to find four other people to do them with. And then you need to go to the actual dungeon out in the world in order to get in. There's no queueing.
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    Got the title for Jade Serpent on my DK, and the Scarlet Halls title on my shaman, but I still seem to be lacking a few titles that I should have gotten.

    For example:

    My time is 11th on the board, but as far as I can see, the better times are either cross realm, or the realm groups have transferred off the server after getting the time. Same thing for a few other CM's as well.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Frolk View Post
    Cant wait for threads like "player XYZ *cheated* in challenge dungeon XYZ so its NOO chance for rest of us to get this/those cool titles"
    You know there will be some
    This is true, all of my realms timers are half of the requirement. However I don't even believe the realm best is with a group that consist of 3 in my realm which the title requirement is. So no idea which time to beat.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Spl4sh3r View Post
    So no idea which time to beat.
    check wowprogress

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    So they require 3 from a server to get Realm Best Titles?

    That's good but I would take it even further by giving the title to the group with the most realm natives.
    Region wide top scores should be given a different title.

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    The "time to beat" is the fastest time that has been made by a group with at least 3 characters on your server. (The characters have to still be on the server.)

    I'm currently at 4/9 titles spread among two chars and I hope to get some other titles when I'll run CMs with either my monk or my druid.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ACES View Post
    The fact that these are temporary makes them infinitely less appealing to me. I think it would be a much better implementation if they made the titles a reward for having a time below a certain very difficult threshold. That way the title would still symbolize your expertise in the particular challenge mode dungeon and you would actually feel rewarded.
    You get a feat of strenght. So when you lose the title you still got the feat of strenght.

    First they have to fix hit being downscaled. It also happens in Proving Grounds...
    Then they should work on the rankingsystem. We have realm best times made by groups who aren't even on the realm anymore for example.

    World record holders also made a thread on the official forums about that Salyin War Banner being nerfed so they can't compete with other world record times where groups used that item anymore.

    On the US forums they made a good suggestion a year ago. Everyone who enters a CM dungeon automatically gets a set of gear so everyone is completely equal. Which is a much better solution than downscaling gear.

    They want competition in challenge modes. So instead of adding more rewards they should work on other, more important issues first. These titles are fine how they are now anyway.

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