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    Prot C-Modes

    Got my warrior to 90 getting him raid geared and the such and Im really wanting to do c-modes with him as prot. A few questions In the videos I need alot of aoe chain pulling how do warriors handle getting threat on so much stuff. Like the first big monkey pull in ssb. I tc one group, leap to the next and dr or shockwave another but I cant seem to get as much as a dk or a monk. Any tips in general for c modes?
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    Mocking banner is great for those kinds of pulls.

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    For example when you do GoSS I pop (mentioned above) Mocking Banner after charge>hit, leap>tc in almost end of the bridge to catch them all. Charge and Thunderclap when its ready is your friend when MB is on CD. Another way is good timing of Bloodbath and TC mobs (ultimate threat ability - Droar but shockwave usually is better for CM's). Usually you shouldn't have much problems with threat if you play a little with charge, tc, leap (in really shitty situation you can Vigilance and spam Taunt but that never should be a case).

    Beside AoE pulls threat, remember you to spell reflect as much as possible (specially in Scarlet) and Disarm hard hitters. To be fair with you as a warrior I felt like a beast in CM's with all abilities we have at our hand. Lastly keep in mind to chain-pop CD's on trash (bosses are way easier to heal). You should have really loads of fun when you 'get there' with warrior.

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    Mocking banner helps greatly indeed and should be used pretty much everytime its off cd. And you shouldnt worry about aoe dmg. That wont grab agro away from you. Any pulls where there are mobs that are single targeted focus your threat on the target killed 1st. Everyone in the group should now this target before the pull even happens.

    I would use shockwave since it has the shortest cooldown + stun which is awesome on reducing incoming damage. C-modes tanking is pretty much having a cooldown ready for every pull. Otherwise your healers gets too dry and drinking breaks are luxury you dont have time for.

    For example:

    Pull 1 = Shield Wall
    Pull 2 = Last stand
    Pull 3 = Rallying cry
    Pull 4 = Shield Wall should be ready again.

    And remember to throw demo shout and banner in the mix whenever you can

    have fun
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