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    are you butthurt questionaire (fun and joke)

    WoW Butthurt Report Form

    Date and time you experienced butthurt ________________________

    Please describe the nature of the butthurt. (check all that may apply)

    [ ] got beat in arenas
    [ ] got beat in a random battleground
    [ ] got outperformed in my guilds raid group
    [ ] got outperformed in LFR
    [ ] class beat mine in a duel
    [ ] Other

    Please tell us more about the incident of butthurt. please pick yes or no

    [Y] [N] were there tears?
    [Y] [N] was there permanent mental scarring?
    [Y] [N] was there sleep lost?
    [Y] [N] did you miss work or arrive late to work due to butthurt?
    [Y] [N] were you forced to employ a coping mechanism such as turning off your computer and going outside for a while?

    Please tell us about the person who caused the butthurt

    Class __________
    Spec __________
    Group Composition ___________________
    Abilities used that caused the butthurt __________________________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________

    upon completion sign your name with your class and spec then submit this form to WoWbutthurtbrigade.org

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    Someone learned a new word.

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    I like this. Saved it. im sure people will be butthurt over a thread like this. Something like this should be posted on the blizz arena/pvp forums.

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    I'm still butthurt from last night, but that's a whole other story.

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    Not very original...

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    Clever and original! So when does school start again?

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    Don't make pointless threads please.

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