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    Who doesn't like bacon?

    Apparently a lot of people don't like bacon, enough to cause a stink (heh) that a restaurant called "bacon bacon" would cause the area to smell like bacon. Bacon lovers are raising their own stink in response.

    SAN FRANCISCO—The Haight-Ashbury district was all about peace and love until bacon entered the picture.

    The trouble began in May, when this city's health department shut down a popular restaurant called Bacon Bacon after neighbors' complaints caused a permit delay. The neighbors' concern: the scent of bacon grease was blowin' in the wind.

    Now bacon lovers have found out, and they're raising a stink.

    Ahead of a permit hearing scheduled for Thursday, nearly 3,000 bacon advocates have signed a petition in support of Bacon Bacon. Phylis Johnson-Silk, who lives around the corner and loves the place, is making signs that say, "Bacon rules!" and "Really? You complained to the cops that you smelled bacon?"

    The restaurant's owner printed up shirts that read, "Smell this!" and says they are selling like hot cakes. Bacon Bacon devotee Nick Barnes, a 24-year-old who tattooed the shop's logo on his wrist a year ago, says he is "devastated" and has posted on his Facebook FB +0.04% page about the restaurant's closure.

    On Twitter, supporters are flaming dissenting neighbors. San Franciscan Michael Siliski tweeted, "C'mon, who doesn't like the smell of bacon?"

    The answer is neighbors whose complaints led to the permitting delay that prompted the restaurant's closure.
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    Read the rest of the thread. One is aloud to make an error..

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    Please, this whole Bacon shit bandwagon is getting annoying (i blame epic mealtime). I fucking love bacon, but it's not some unhealthy obsession but most people act like it's the second coming of i dunno... potatoes or some shit.

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    Honestly...I've never really understood everyone's obsession with the stuff.
    Get a grip man! It's CHEESE!

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    I'll eat it, but it's not my favorite. There are much better foods in my opinion, but I've never really liked breakfast food, any of them.

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    I love bacon! Who's with me?

    Trump this, Trump that

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    Bacon is good. Everything in a multiblock radius smelling like it is not. Had this been "Edwin's house of eels" or something else equally disgusting, nobody would have said a peep when they got closed down.

    Not to mention, everything you own would be tainted with the smell. That would drive me insane.

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    I love bacon but I can agree about the grease smell and everything

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    Bacon is ok, but it's way overrated.

    Feel like it's more of a meme than people actually loving it. (on the internet)

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    It's good, yeah. Don't know why people would get up in arms about it though.

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    If your ventalation system isnt good enough to get rid of the smell you shouldnt be in business. Also, the smell of bacon used to make me vomit. Seriously, when was the last time you walked by a KFC or Mcdonalds and from the outside you could smell it?

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    It looks like years of U.S. propaganda worked.

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    Jews, Muslims, vegetarians, and anyone with an allergy to pork products.

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    I like bacon by itself for breakfast. But I can't even begin to understand when people state that bacon makes everything taste better. Like when I go out to eat and they wrap my steak in bacon.

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    I dont like british bacon? I mean , the bacon I have over here isnt as nice compaired to the streaky bacon most people have

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kalis View Post
    Jews, Muslims, vegetarians, and anyone with an allergy to pork products.
    Religion isn't to do with a person "liking" something, that's to do with having to follow some made up bullcrap in order to have done as they're told for the "next life", or whatever. Vegetarians are just psychologically ill people, and people with allergies may LIKE bacon, but can't eat it incase it kills them.

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    *Hoists flag*

    Quote Originally Posted by Ligier View Post
    Vegetarians are just psychologically ill people
    Thank you for your assessment of my mental wellbeing, doctor.
    Warning : Above post may contain snark and/or sarcasm. Try reparsing with the /s argument before replying.
    With sufficient thrust, pigs fly just fine. However, this is not necessarily a good idea.

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    I think bacon is fine, but I wouldn't want to live near a place that gives a scent to the entire neighbourhood, just like I wouldn't want to live beside a McD.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ligier View Post
    Vegetarians are just psychologically ill people
    That demonstrably live longer and healthier than your average omnivores.

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    When I order breakfast I ask for the little sausages instead of bacon.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ligier View Post
    Vegetarians are just psychologically ill people
    Not sure if this was a joke or not, but it made me wonder if there are "Pray away the vegetarian" camps, made me laugh. Thanks.

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