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    For most of the world, pending country, any pet can technically be dinner.
    I have had Cat, Dog, Horse, Dolphin, Whale, and Rabbit while I was over in Japan, and they all tasted quite good.

    hell I even cooked an octopus alive on a grill once while i was over there. seemed kind of malicious, as watched the natives do it, so I did it, but it actually tenderized the meat, so what do I know.

    But Rabbits, they are quite delicious. >.> what next on the menu to try... yep, gator. But in terms of pets, than can be. Hel I even had one as a pet when I was younger, loved it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rucati View Post
    My answer would have to be neither. They're incredibly boring pets (really, they just kind of sit around, at least cats each spiders and such) and there's no reason to eat one when I can have steak, or salad, or pasta, or just about anything else.
    There is no reason to eat any specific type of food other than because you enjoy the taste and like Variety.
    I mean I can have steak cut from a cow but that doesn't mean I won't enjoy Venison,Wild boar,Goat,Lamb,snake,buffalo,Ostrich Or even the taste of domesticated Animals such as dogs/cats.

    That said the only reason I don't eat dogs and cats is because I have way to much respect for dogs and I consider Cats Vermin.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Spectral View Post
    I've known some people that have pet rabbits. They seem too stupid to be interesting pets to me. They're certainly delicious though; rabbit pot pie is fantastic, you get a great gravy and very tender meat.
    I find this comment very bizarre. What exactly do you want do with a pet? Teach it astrophysics? Rabbits can be trained and they can be very affectionate and playful. My friend had a house rabbit years ago, and he was fucking awesome.


    Never tried eating one and not particularly interested. They're pets for me.
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    I don't care what anyone says. Let a person get hungry enough and they will eat just about anything. Including Thumper.

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    Both. Just like horses. Or cat, dog, whatever, even human if I could taste it... It's only a matter of culture and education, if it taste good, and doesn't kill me, I eat it.
    (I don't really like rabbit meat tho).
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    I wouldn't mind eating rabbit while having a pet rabbit.
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    Rabbit are too cute to eat Q _ Q

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    Quote Originally Posted by tommypilgrim View Post
    I'm not a fan of rabbit. Too many bones.
    Gonna agree. Squirrels have way less in the bone department and don't taste bad to me at all.

    They tend to be more of them around here too, so killing them is easier.

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    Never been a fan of rabbit meat myself, but it's food if it's bread or hunted to be food. Almost any animal can be a pet, but no species is specifically a pet only species to me. Only real exception to my "eat anything" rule (apart from some animals that just taste bad) is monkeys and apes. Couldn't eat that, would feel almost cannibalistic if I did.

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    Rabbit meat is delicious. I prefer duck or venison for meat of meats, but I don't have a problem with people that keep rabbits as pets either.
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    So if the states get together and work with the Legislative Branch to write an amendment to the federal constitution, you think the Judiciary (SCOTUS) could strike it down for being 'unconstitutional'?
    Uh...yes. Absolutely.

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    We used to tell our little sister we wanted to eat her pet rabbit.
    She kept on letting it out so it might have a chance on life. She was too young to understand we were joking.
    Later on we also found out she starved the poor thing, so it wouldn't get fat enough to eat.

    I love the taste of rabbit, but it's annoying to keep finding bonesplinters in it. I find rabbit works as both food and pet.

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    There is nothing wrong with having a rabbit as a pet. They are cute and loving.

    There is nothing wrong with killing a non domesticated rabbit for food. They are delicious and lean.

    Therefore I have concluded that they are both, and I bid you good day.

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    Both, they make great pets, you can train them to do a lot of things and be almost like a stupider dog. They're pretty damn affectionate most of the time even if my one was insane and growled and bit everything, chasing and growling at cats.
    They also taste delicious and I think perhaps there are different breeds for eating? It's not like the pet ones taste the same but I'm not sure.

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    Just like chickens you can have as a pet but once its egg laying days are over its off with there head.
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    They're too cute for me to eat.
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    They are both.

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    If the pet doesn´t behave, it becomes dinner
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    I would eat rabbit with my rabbit.

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    Not sure if I could twist the neck and prepare one myself though.

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    Quote Originally Posted by skrump View Post
    Living in California I've run into very few people who see Rabbits as food, I personally find them to be among the best tasting meats.
    Always figured it's a California thing seeing as how the state is filled to the brim with Anti gun nuts, Liberals,Vegans that wouldn't know country living if it bit them in the ass.

    But I could be wrong so I wanted to see what the rest of the world thought about it.
    Wow this is one the most closed-minded posts I've ever seen rofl. Firstly, you forgot that the USA is not the only place in the world with "figured it's a California thing", next you compare eating rabbit meat with anti-gun nuts and liberals. Are you afraid the government is going to steal your rabbits after your guns?

    Anyway... the rabbit breeds used as house pets are rarely the same breeds used for food. I find they can be both. Rabbits are great when prepared for a Goulash.
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