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    Never had any issues with it, 100% reliable for me.

    I always wonder if that the people who do have problems, actually have problems with their PC and just like to blame others.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Crispyfresh View Post
    I could never complain about steam, especially as an Aussie. The prices are usually half retail even before sales... Have not had a purchase issue yet, and the 2 reasons I have had to contact customer service were resolved fairly quickly and with no hassle.

    OT: I've never had any issues with it whatsoever, and I love steam even though my wallet is currently being raped by the sale.
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    Dont like that I have to have a program running so I can start the games.

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    Steam is great in my opinion, great sales, never experienced any lag nor payment issues so I don't know what the OP is talking about. Sure its got problems, it's not 100% flawless. But all in all, I can't complain.
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    Never had problems with Steam to be honest.
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    Never had any issues and either has my husband. My husband has 100+ games on it and uses it all the time with no issues.

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    Steam is great and easy to handle.

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    Never had an issue, always easy to buy and play games, have even transfered my library between multiple machines and OS's without hiccup.

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    Steam is god's haven in Earth, a blessing to us PC gamers.
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    It is you. Steam is the main reason why I have a PC, it is great.

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    Only thing wrong with Steam is that 99% of games are indie garbage and company garbage.

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    Quote Originally Posted by fromis View Post

    -Sometimes the download speed of games has been so slow it can't even be considered decent by todays standards and no I can assure you this is not cause of my connection.
    The slowest i've downloaded anything on Steam was 4Mb/s. The problem is from your end.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Korgoth View Post
    3 Reasons I hate the Steam Client.

    1. Ads, because they are annoying pop ups that I get after quitting TF2 and other games.

    2. I hate that I can't just double click my skse loader for Skyrim without first booting up Steam. I hate that extra boot up time for features that I dont use, that shouldnt have to be used to play the game.

    3. I hate how they set up Steam Cloud. I installed a mod for Skyrim that broke the game, the Steam cloud loaded it into the cloud, so when I reinstalled, it didnt fix it. Yet there is no option for me to delete my data that is in their cloud. I have to contact them and wait days for customer support. How hard is it to add a delete cloud files option next to the delete local files option!

    - - - Updated - - -

    About what in comparison? I don't get pop up ads on Origin. It still has to load up, but I dont notice it taking longer then Steam. Never had a problem installing games from it, or loading games off back up storage. I have never contacted their customer support, but then I havent had to.
    1. You only get 1 add each boot of a pc, atleast only I get 1.

    2. You hate starting up a client even though the client is the only reason the software is supported. Good thinking...

    3. All cloud systems do that if the error made is within the save file and not within the game. Other cloud system don't magicly fix a save file, just saying.

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    Steam is overall pretty awesome, but the things I have noticed is:

    Sometimes it can be quit laggy and unresponsive. I click Store, or Library, or someone's profile, and it takes quite a long time to get to the page.
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    The only real problem I've ever had with Steam is that sometimes it goes through periods of losing connectivity for either a very brief, or very long period of time. That's basically just on the chat front though, I can still use the store and everything perfectly, but can't message my friends and such because it classes me as offline (despite still being able to connect and play games of DotA 2 and such with friends on my list).

    I've never had a problem with the ads, I've made quite a few purchases that I otherwise wouldn't have looked for had it not been for them, the only thing I find hilarious is when it pops up an ad to buy the game that I've just finished playing. That doesn't annoy me though, it makes me laugh. So that's an extra bonus right there.
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    Great thing.

    Sales make me giddy.

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    These issues only started last night due to heavy traffic as the Summer Sale started. Never had this problem ever before.
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    heh i hated it at first when it replaced WON as the system for joining online games in half-life and cs but its a lot better now.

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    Steam is pwning everything else right now. They have free to play weekends, 75% discounts on various games all the time, it's easy to use, easy to understand. They give news, packages and everything you'd want for direct download in one interface.

    It used to be terribad, but Valve did some amazing things with it.

    I just bought L4D2 last weekend for 5€. How amazing is this?

    The only issue I have with it are the disconnects from time to time. Sucks when you only play with friends and you can't invite them anymore for coop games.

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    I never really used it, have no interest in downloading games. If I want a game I'll get the physical copy. I just don't like that fact that I have to rely on an online service to work in order to play my games. It's pretty similar to how the Xbox One was going to be before Microsoft changed it. The other thing I REALLY hate about steam is how many PC games these days require you to install Steam in order for you to play it, I think that's just utter bullshit. The only reason I even have steam is because my friend wanted me to get it so I could talk to him on Steam instead of Facebook since he and I don't really use Facebook. Even then we mostly communicate by phone anyway so I hardly even touch Steam anymore. Maybe someday I'll download all the free games on there but I don't think that'll happen anytime soon as I have no patience when it comes to waiting for a game to download. I can understand why people like it so much but for my tastes in games I really don't like how it does certain things like the previously mentioned requirement of installation before even playing a PC game you bought. I think if it weren't for that I'd accept Steam a bit more.
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