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    Affliction PvP in 5.4

    Hey guys just curious on what some of you other warlocks are thinking about aff in 5.4. With haunt dmg being increased by 50% and it increases our dot dmg by 45% more now I feel like aff could be on a good road. I know our survival is going to be shitty as always but they are buffing our health by 10% so if most locks use sl/sac your going to have well over 600k I am at 559k atm so the extra 10% health will be nice and the larger heals we will receive from health stones and dark regen will help a good bit too. Worst comes to worst we could just gem full resil and tank stuff like we use to xD.

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    PvP is looking really nice, but we are also looking very squishy. I'm still hoping that something comes of the developer comments about returning Soul Link to its past DR mechanic. If we get 15-20% passive DR again, arenas will be looking very good. Though we'll probably lose the extra HP from speccing GoSac + Soul Link, so no more super huge health pools.
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    I am definitely liking the changes to Affliction thus far, (and having HoT baseline again is fantastic as well!)

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    I was looking and with all the nerfs it feels its going to be horrible in 2v2 but really good in 3v3.

    I guess time will tell

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