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    Quote Originally Posted by naitee View Post
    are you using zen wild jade gems (160 spirit/ 160 mastery) or sparkling river's heart gem (320 spirit) on green/blue slots?

    another questions:
    legendary meta is required to change spirit to mastery or just horridon's trinket + shadopan trinket can keep our mana?

    LIC (trinekt from lei shen) is better than shadopan trinket??
    You gem spirit in blue sockets until you get to a point where you feel comfortable with your regen, this is a personal thing. Once you're fine with the regen you can look at getting more mastery.

    I wouldn't say once you get the LMG that you get rid of spirit, it certainly helps but that alone won't stop you from going oom. As for the trinkets the one from lei shen is BiS (best in slot) however until you are in a happy place with your regen you might want to use the shado-pan one.

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    Currently at 11.8k Spirit while gemming full mastery.

    The only socket bonuses I maintain is 120 Int (chest & legs), rest are ignored.

    Currently using VP and Horridon trinket.

    I'm just under 40% mastery unbuffed.

    Link to my armory -------->

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    11.7k spirit with 45% mastery buffed.
    Originally Posted by Rygarius
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    14.3k spirit (human though). Have LMG, Cloak, and 543 (535+ 2/2) Horridon's.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Freia View Post
    Will probably have to get more spirit when progress starts again.
    You won't for the first boss.

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    50.4% Mastery with Might while having around 13k Spirit.
    Could bump up mastery a bit but raid support is bad these days when almost every class can ignore their blue bars...

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    how you can maintain mana with just 10k~12k spirit?

    are you just EF blanketing and don't use much HR?

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    Quote Originally Posted by voidspark View Post
    14.3k spirit (human though). Have LMG, Cloak, and 543 (535+ 2/2) Horridon's.

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    You won't for the first boss.
    I won't change gems until I find I need the spirit.

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    15kish with 44% mastery buffed.

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    12.3k spirit (human though). Have LMG, Cloak, and 543 (535+ 2/2) Horridon's and 42% mastery before buffs.

    We have a resto shaman in group and 3 balance droods (not that i ever get innervate but the option is there if our rdrood doesn't need them)

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    Quote Originally Posted by naitee View Post
    how you can maintain mana with just 10k~12k spirit? are you just EF blanketing and don't use much HR?
    EF blanketing requires a good amount of HR usage (CS if you're in melee), without it you won't have enough HP to really "blanket" the raid. You can do it with the LMG, Horridon's trinket (which is worth a lot of MP5), melee on the boss/adds either because you are able to or because you are "scumbagging" and possibly a comp that has plenty of mana CD's (hymn/tide).

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    Quote Originally Posted by Flaring View Post
    Yeah, what it takes to beat excellent Druids, Monks & Priests heh.
    Except the fact they aren't excellent enough if you're beating them even with three innervates.

    I run 14k spirit and 43% mastery unbuffed with 548 item level (still using a 522 lei shen neck and 2 non-TF rings). Using spirit flasks for every boss though as I can't be arsed to swap around and the only fights where the extra spirit feels pointless are horridon and lei shen (with the amount of healers we use anyway) - with mastery being so retardedly overpowered I feel like being able to spam more outweighs having slightly more throughput, least in 25 man.

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    13k, I let the other healers in my team pick up some of my slack when I need a breather, cut corners, rely on each other and major spirit spam won't be necessary. If I really want to snipe shield and heal for the sake of HPS then... yeah 13k is a tad iffy. Maegara I have to really keep spirit flasks on standby and call out for priestly aid.

    Have Horridons hc trinket (finally dropped recently) and the shado-pan one.

    I'm gemmed mostly mastery.
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    14.5k, no Horridon's trinket yet at all (drops while I'm on holiday, sods law) so I'm having to run with Shado-pan + LFR Horridon's (no ToeS trinket either QQ)
    Intending to scale back regen a bit once I finally get the trinket, for now I'm able to stay competitive and stomp our other Paladin with ease

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    18k, but that's because I have a crappy trinkets. 31% mastery buffed because I haven't stacked it like everyone else and drops have been not so nice to me I don't like EF blanketing, though, so the higher spirit is needed for me to sustain.

    EDIT: We're 8/13H.
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    I made the change from the spirit build to straight mastery yellows about a day after 5.3 hit and pallys took that mastery hit. I lost around 7% at the time (was 30% unbuffed pre nerf and ended up being 23% post nerf), I had around 17k spirit and I dropped all my blue, purple and green gems for 320 Mastery yellows and now with my currently 537 IL I'm at 38.5% unbuffed and around 45% with might. I noticed an enormous increase in healing with the change I'm only at 10.5k spirit and i have no mana issues at all 2 healing almost every fight with a disc priest and a boomkin throwing me innervate when I need it. Note that I use my 4 set and I'm some 15 kills into Horridon and my guild hasn't seen the trinket drop once.

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    18k with H emps trink + H horridon's trink 27% mastery, no 600 ilvl cloak yet.

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    Ive dropped to 10.5k spirit now and im only 3/12 hc, I ef blanket a lot and when stuff gets serious I have a reliable resto shammy gemmed full spirit to mana tide, and a boomkin to innervate. Ive heard I will need more for Megaera, but I seem to be fine on tortos hc and Iron Qon hc the 2 fights we are working on at the moment (depends on turnout).

    Note: We also 2 heal pretty much everything
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