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    Why did you claim it was a credit card fraud? You should have just done a charge-back, you paid for a service which you did not receive.

    Also, a phone call to blizzard would have straightened this out.
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    When a homeless person is rambling in the streets, it's better to ignore them than argue with them. On the internets it's clearly better to spend an entire week proving them wrong.

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    You know people like you could turn a vet player into a flamer, right?
    I'd hate to be responsible for you posting more bollocks online...
    "The fact that you don't get it or like it is fine. The fact that you wanna ruin it for everyone else - that's why you're a cocksucker." - Bill Hicks
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    The playerbase has been desiring this for years and when it's finally here, everyone wants to grab a pitchfork. Ridiculous. This community is disgustingly toxic.
    Please send all PM's with a read receipt, that way both you and I will know I'm not reading them....

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    a phone call to blizzard would have straightened this out.
    sometimes a phone call just doesn't work, especially with some customer representatives i've dealt with.
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