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    quilen brez help

    hi all and thanks in advance for any help,
    so basically in my raid group i'm the main fucking brez in most fights with my quilen 'lucky' (ya i know it's a cliche name)....have a resto druid in group but he's kinda new and lackluster, dies all the time...it's usually all on me for brez. But as some may know, to do it with you quilen you just about literally have to move him to be standing just about right on top of the person to brez. I usually just target the person, put pet on passive then try to walk it over to where the person is that died usually losing allot of dps while doing so.....wondering if there are like some mouse over macros or regular macros or even an addon that does something like highlighting the dead person so i can find him more easily....just anything that will help with brezing with my quilen

    also another question....i'm the ranged in charge of kicking shells on tortos, some times the stalagtite circles like surround a shell i wanna click....i have ironhawk tallent in raid, do yall know if popping deterrence while in one of those falling stalagtite circles negates the instant kill? have yet to really test it.

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    About the rockfalls, you won't die if you use Deterrence, either it negates the damage 100% ( I doubt it though) or else you just take 50% reduced dmg (assuming you use the glyph).

    But just tell people to back away from the turtle you have to kick.

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    keybind the move command for your pet and move them near the person who died, takes a couple seconds.

    as for kicking turtles, I also do that as a hunter in my group, just don't stand on top of the dead turtle, stalagtites fall where you are, just avoid them while tanding a few yards away from the turtle, when he is about to cast stone breath then run in and kick, easy as that.

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    Deterrence will negate 50% from the rockfall, which should be plenty on both normal and heroic, since on normal it won't outright kill you, and on heroic you should have the crystal shield anyways. So yeah, deterrence will work fine.

    A tip about kicking the turtles though, know which turtle you're going to be heading towards to kick (try and favor turtles that aren't near the melee to give yourself an easier time), and then stand near it but NOT NEXT TO it. The stomp will happen, you'll get a rockfall on you, and then you can move towards the turtle pretty safely. If you stand right on it, there's a good chance it'll get surrounded by rockfalls immediately, since rockfall prefers to fall next to or on a player.

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    Use a Mouseover macro to brez someone, if they're out of range of your pet then tough luck, move it closer.

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    Honestly I wish they'd allow us to cast the brez from the Hunter's perspective rather than the pet's. It would make the ability a lot more responsive / on par with other brez classes. The difference between brezzing on my Death Knight and Hunter is night and day.

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    #showtooltip Spirit Mend
    /cast [target=Mouseover] Spirit Mend
    /cast [target=Mouseover] Eternal Guardian
    /cast [target=Mouseover] Roar of Sacrifice

    Most of the time my pet actually goes to the person, but when it doesn't...not much else to do but send your pet back and stop attacking.

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