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    Is there any character in wow that is pure evil?

    I dont even think deathwing or the lich king were pure evil. They were insane/misunderstood.

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    Old Gods probably. Or Kiljeaden & co

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    there's no such a thing as pure evil.
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    Gul'dan, Sargaras, major characters of the Legion

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    Granny smith, damn woman wont move her apple cart.

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    Can't think of many redeeming qualities Gul'dan possessed.

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    I dont think sargeras is pure evil. He was good/neutral before he was driven mad. There must be something left down deep.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Zaelsino View Post
    Can't think of many redeeming qualities Gul'dan possessed.
    Good point. Gul'dan is probably the closest example to "pure evil" from a mortal character. Ner'zhul at least had SOME redeeming qualities. He may very well have saved the entire Orc race by writing that secret letter to Durotan warning him not to drink from the chalice.

    I almost want to say Sargeras, but he was a "good" titan before he became what he is now. Same with Deathwing, The Lich King, Kel'thuzad, and pretty much all of the evil characters in WoW. Even Archimonde and Kil'jaeden were once Velen's closest friends. Azshara might be possible, but even she didn't really go full-on crazy until Sargeras came along. The night elves lived pretty peacefully under her rule until then.

    I'm pretty sure the Old Gods have always been evil. They are most likely the answer to the OP's question.
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    Kobolds, PURE EVIL

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    C'thun Yogg Saron and murlocs.

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    I would define pure evil as someone who just wants to see the world burn and has no real meaning to what they are doing. All the villain in WoW have some purpose wether we deem it right or wrong.

    Sargeras; his responsibilities were to destroy chaos within the nether, his reasoning now is there is always going to be chaos so why not just create chaos to stop it type of attitude.

    Old Gods; want to be free from their prison and kill titans.

    Deathwing; destroy the world to release the Old Gods.


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    The Lich King... not Arthas, i mean the original Lich King...

    The Old Gods...

    The Shas... :P

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    The auctioneers and repair vendors.

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    Pretty sure the Old Gods and Nathrezim win this round
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    The Dreadlords/Nathrezim. I don't think a single member of that race that has displayed a single redeemable quality. As far as we can tell from existing lore, they have always been demons (unlike the Eredar) and they were never corrupted, they were always just evil. Iirc, they were the among the ones responsible for Sargeras' fall to evil.

    The Old Gods also probably fit.

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    No one is born pure evil. So If we consider someone that has turned evil over time as pure evil, then yes. A lot.

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    gnomes, all of them.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Danmakus View Post
    Granny smith, damn woman wont move her apple cart.

    My vote goes to Sylvanas. Maybe with a "tad" bit of bias, though. :P
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