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    Whats the point in playing if all the BEST looking items go on the Store?

    Why raid/quest for an item that looks like this

    When you can use REAL money for an item that looks like this

    Say what you want but this is the direction blizzard is heading in. It has already happened to mounts in this game. All the high res/high texture items are now popping up on the blizzard store almost as if blizzard is purposely dumbing down the item/mount/pet graphics in game to get people to buy store items.

    Remember how Challenge mode sets were some of the most vibrant items in the game to give players something to reach for? Well now the best looking items are on the Blizzard Store.

    Anyone defending the Blizzard Store in it's current state are delusional if they think this isn't just nickel and dimming the WoW player base. And it will only get worse. Items/mounts will continue to follow a downward trend while blizzard store items look the best.

    What blizzard is basically saying is pay us 15 + $$$$$$$$$$$$ to experience the full game.

    I say enough is enough.

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    We have other transmog-for-sale threads open right now. Please post in an open thread.

    As well, avoid phrases like "Anyone defending the Blizzard Store in it's current state are delusional"

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