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    DPS requirements aint that bad really. When i killed it, we had raidwise dps of 1.1mil a sec averaged on the whole fight. Now with 2 tanks, 2 healers 6 dps it means that if your tanks do 100k dps both, like ours were it leaves 150k dps each to the 6 dps. So if you have 1 good dps that can pull 200k it means you can have 1 dps only doing 100k or having the tanks do less etc. Also if you have disc priest as other healer who can do 40-50k dps it helps too.

    This was with 2 nest tactic.
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    this strat works, it's just ALL your dps have to be really high DPS. we did the strat and got him to 8% with this strat, but one of our 6 dps was OS and not as high as the others

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    We did this the other night for the first time, was actually pretty easy I'd recommend it for guilds who are geared and mostly just farming the place! Saves a lot of time
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    We do 1-2 nests, single heal and 2 tanks. Not really a problem and you only need to pop defensive CDs for quills.

    Gear does this!

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    lol We've only ever done it up to nests 9/10

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    Tried this (2 nest and burn) last night and got it in 4 pulls. We had tried the 8 nest strat last week (only 6 pulls), and we would have probably got it as well, but the burn strat is much much easier to pull off. Average dps was ~190k, with tanks doing ~200k combined.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Blacklisted910 View Post
    Good afternoon everyone, I was wondering if anyone has tried to do the Zerg strat ( doing 3 platforms lust and Zerg boss) everyone flys on feed young to grab the buff. Looking for your opinions. We tried strat one time during wensdays raid and got to 38 with no raid CD for defense.
    We did the standard strategy long time ago while progress. But we were doing this zerg strat recently when farming it. You need good dps numbers tho.

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