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    talk talk broadband?

    My current broadband contract with BT is coming to an end in 2 weeks & i'm thinking of going with talk talk.
    ive just been on the phone to BT customer services & theyre telling me that talk talk's broadband wont be as good as their own.
    i'm not going superfast, just your normal everyday broadband & was wondering if anyone else is with talk talk & if you have had any problems with them?
    i'm not going to slag BT off, as they have been pretty good to me over the years, but i can get a better deal if i change & in this day & age, thats what its all about.

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    I'm with Talk Talk, speed is fine, price is fantastic especially considering it's unlimited.
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    In my experience Talktalk are pretty shit. They throttle your connection and will repeatedly put you onto their slowest profile. Even when you phone up and ask for a profile change they just move you back after a couple of weeks.

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    Same issue has Nether. I changed my mum's internet from talktalk to EE after she complained about awful speed for months. EE's been flawless since then.

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