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  • Illidan Stormrage

    35 37.63%
  • Edwin Vancleef

    17 18.28%
  • Thrall

    41 44.09%
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    I voted thrall, its pretty obvious that since cata, nothing important can happen without him Lorewalker cho was thrall in disguise all that time
    Thrall always win and haters need to deal with it. He also ISNT mary sue, and if you call him that you are hater !!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Susanoo View Post
    Vancleef is the leader and founder of the defias
    He is still a guy without special powers. Illidan does have special powers.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Zeror View Post
    He is still a guy without special powers. Illidan does have special powers.
    yep try staying in stealth for a nice shot when you are infected with parasites asnd illidan has thrown his glaives down, so fire elemental aoe everywhere. (yes illidan has way to much aoe for a stealthy who is to low of a lvl to have cloak of shadows, he'd def get his stun broken)
    good luck DMVC(because people couldn't shift click a player and know they weren't talking about dire maul, you had to say VC also....ugh)

    and being honest...NEVER wiped on VC, did wipe on smite though...those adds if people didn't slaugher em quick enough, would TEAR up tanks.
    VC? nope. easy as pie.

    the way i see it? raid bosses don't like people staying in stealth and will break them, van cleef vs legendary glaives?

    so many reasons it wouldn't be VC...but i'll leave it as what i said

    i am still voting thrall, (Thrall for King of Azeroth, someone to tie the two factions together!) let voljin and varian take that piece of cake.
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