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    EDSF when I don't use my mouse. Like when I'm mounted and not doing anything important.
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    W or both mouse buttons = forward
    S = backpeddle (yes it is still sometimes useful)
    A+S+both mouse buttons = strafe left
    D+S+both mouse buttons = strafe right
    mouse = turn
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    Q = Strafe left
    W = Move Forward
    E = Strafe right
    A = Turn left
    S = Move back
    D = Turn right

    I'm a fucked up turner in World of Warcraft. I literally go back and forth between QWE / WAD for my strafing and moving forward. I barely touch my S key, but I will never unbind it. I feel dirty if I can't turn or backpedal on the fly. I normally don't have a problem with my key binds either, since I use a naga. I also hold right click to strafe with A and D, before anyone wonders -- even with Q and E. Habit.
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    S - Strafe left
    D - Move Forward
    F - strafe right
    Backspace - Back Peddle
    Alt + Backspace - Jump
    Yeah, weird.. I don't like the action of backpeddling except on a tank, so I swapped the bind for such so i could use q to t for main keybinds and 1 to 6 for cds.. It's worked for me.

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    T forward F strafe left H strafe right
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    QWE. I'm weird I can't seem to get use to binding A and S to a spell even tho I don't use them so they stay keyboard turn! I guess its kind of neat when I don't have my hand on the mouse I can actually turn.

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    I don't use movement keys. I have an autorun key and I turn with my mouse.

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    E - Forward
    S - Sleft
    D - Cancelcast
    F - Sright

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    Q - Strafe left
    W - Forward
    E - Strafe right

    Turn and backwards are a waste of keys, you're just growing bad habits by using them. Turn with the mouse, and never move backwards in the first place.

    ASD are freed up for spells, as well as the easy to reach shift+A/S/D.

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    RDFG for movement.

    Since i have so many alts i try to keep the main idea same of the other binds:

    T, H, E, S - Single Target rotational abilities
    Y, U, J - AoE rotational abilities
    A - interrupt
    >, Z, X, C, V, SPACE, 7, 8, 9, 0 - Survivability and Utility
    §, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 - DPS/Mana regen Cooldowns and Utility (like 4 is always taunt (or TotT/MD for those that dont have a taunt), 3 is always some kind of sprint or blink)

    With a system like this I can somewhat easily switch bewteen my toons and not forget what I bound where.

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    w forward, ad strafe left/right. i always wanted to get into using RDF, but I just cant control my pinky that well

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    WADS mirrored on the extra keypad of the steelseries merc:

    In all my years of gaming I keep getting lost on the normal keyboard are. This keyboard allows to also easily access the 1-11 keys as they are in two rows on top of each other.

    Turning with the mouse and using 8 buttons on the mouse with alt and shift modifiers (well..not on the leftclick and rightclick buttons)

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    w- forward
    s- back
    q- strafe
    e- strafe

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    Q: Strafe left
    W: Forward
    E: Strafe right
    A: Turn right
    S: Backwards
    D: Turn right

    Haven't changed it, but I will do. Someday.

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    wasd usually. Sometimes I hold left and right click to move and wehn I get really lazy I use clock to move
    I don't think this matters nearly as much as you think it does.

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    WAD - A and D is strafe. S is used for as bind. Turning with mouse.
    When I need to back away I strafe to the side while turning mouse.

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    W - Forward
    A - Turn left
    S - Backward
    D - Turn right
    Q - Strafe left
    E - Strafe right

    Can use either Q, E, A, or D to strafe when holding Right mouse, which is pretty much all the time.
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    no strafing, so basicly always using mouse.

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    Q strafe left
    W forward
    E strafe right

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    Middle mouse to auto walk forward or left + right mouse button to walk forward.
    Mouse for turning.
    Down-arrow on keyboard for walking backwards if needed.

    Yeah, i use my mouse mostly to move my character. That way i have a hand free to focus on my spells.

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