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    arrow keys + mouse for turning and strafing, numpad and naga for keybinds

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    On a Nostromo:

    03 = forward
    07 = strafe left
    08 = backward
    09 = strafe right
    For the midcores:
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    WASD, S and D for strafing.

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    I do all my movement with my mouse... I do have a naga and I use the small buttons on the side for a lot of keybinds as well as my strafe keys are 2 and 3 on the mouse. I do have problems on fights where multidotting is used mainly because I have issues with tab targeting not targeting what I need it to.

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    Strafing with C and V. Don't have backpedal bound - well, by default it's on backwards arrow but can't remember last time I used it - and have autorun toggle on ` .

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    I am just using the default ones, don't need more keybinds, so I just keep Q and E as strafe.

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    W E R
    For back-dodging in GW2: I dodge with middle-click; and neutral-dodge makes you roll backwards.

    I only still use it because I did up until I got my Naga - and I didn't see a reason to rebind to QWE even though I don't use QAZ for beings anymore.

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    Fuck you, that's where.
    W A D + Mouse.
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    W forward, Q strafe left, E strafe right.

    That's about it for movement. Mouse for turning.

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    WASD im just used to that control scheme from playing FPS games for several years.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ziktus View Post
    W - Forward
    A - Strafe left
    D- Strafe right

    Using the mouse to turn of course.
    This. If you have yet to do get rid of the keyboard turning, do it and you will never regret it.

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    This. If you have yet to do get rid of the keyboard turning, do it and you will never regret it.
    ^^ use the same as above.

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    A = Forward
    Q = Strafe left
    E = Strafe Right

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    WASD + the mouse for turning.

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