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    Your most satisfying World of Warcraft moments.

    I remember a time when I was still new to the game and having a full set of epics was an accomplishment in itself for me. When I raided Karazhan as my first raid I wanted full T4. The pieces at the time couldn't be bought with a point/badge system and doing heroics was very difficult with a pug so after a long time raiding with my guild I eventually finished my T4 by raiding Karazhan for the helm/gloves, raiding Magtheridon's Lair for the chest and Gruul's Lair for the legs/shoulder pieces. It felt like a journey to go from 10 man to 25 man raiding back to 10 man for me. When it was all said and done I was back in IF and I saw a person from our servers high end guild wearing full T6 and a pair of warglaives thinking about all the content I had looking forward in the future with my guild.

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    Back in classic when I got my first helm ever , was a lvl 2x grey mail helm on my paladin.

    I felt like I could take on a god !

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    Above post reminds me of the first time I wore shoulders. Wow.

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    During TBC, I was levelling one of my hunters. The Hunter was going to be an enchanter, so I was farming teddy bears in Felwood for feathers to get rep for the +25 Agility enchant.

    Having had a lot of experience with WoW and PvP servers, my main Rogue in S2 gear was parked on the road next to the Furbolg camp/spawns so he could get to the Hunter in about a minute if he got ganked.

    Sure enough, a level 70 Draenei Shaman comes along and proceeds to frost-shock one shot my Hunter. I log out immediately, log back in my Rogue, get to the ganker and start stunlocking. I stunlocked the poor bastard 100-0%.

    Then he uses Ancestral Fortitude to insta res himself whereupon he gets blinded (as I had saved my blind CD for this purpose), I stealth, sap him, and stunlock him again to death. I res-killed him 5 more times I think before he just quit.

    It felt good and still does to this day.
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    When I was the poster child for noobness (probably my first week playing), I remember I got a quest to go from Goldshire to Algaz Station in Loch Modan. I was such a noob that I didn't know about the Deeprun Tram yet, so I went running (at about level 9 or 10) from Goldshire, all the way through Elwynn Forest, through Redridge Mountains, through Burning Steppes, through Searing Gorge, through the Badlands, and into Loch Modan.

    I remember I played all night that night, so it must have taken me at least 8 or 9 hours, maybe more and I think I died well over a hundred times. Also, I was a Rogue, so I thought that if I did the entire thing in stealth, it reduced my chances of pulling level 55 mobs when I was level 9, so I was in stealth the entire time back when it used to cause a significant move speed reduction.

    But boy oh boy when I got to that Dwarf it felt like the weight of a thousand suns lifted from my shoulders.

    Also the first time I got to level 20 and got my first mount. That was pretty epic.

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    My raid's first kill of Lady Vashj.
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    For the Horde achievement. I join or try to join all OQueue groups looking for it, just to assist them in their path of glory. That first time when all the achievements pop and you realize you did something great. Better than any instance raid boss by a mile. I would love it, if during the Siege of Orgrimmar, you had Horde run ins.

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    My most satisfying moment was when i was leveling my hunter in STV (first character during BC) and saw a rogue stealth, managed to flare him then keep him ranged and kill him. Felt like I could take on everyone after that and then I constantly got ganked while leveling. That was my only solo HK till I was 80

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    First Gruul and Mag kills were very rewarding. I was also one of the first on my server in full T4 which was fun.

    More recently in Cata leading my guild to our first HM Madness kill was awesome. But by far my favorite fight in the game to this date would be HM Ragnaros even though I did it shortly after DS was released which made it a little easier than it was at current content it was still very enjoyable and rewarding.

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    First time downing Hakkar. It was oh dear god in the morning, we'd been throwing ourselves at it all night and were ready to go facekeys, when everything fell together, we just hit that point where even exhausted we'd done it so many times that everything clicked and we executed the fight flawlessly.

    Ah, Porkchop, my dear little Durotar boar... sometimes I STILL miss being the one on duty pulling Sons for that fight.
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    Quite a long time ago, I was dancing on the bank roof in Org when I see in Trade Chat,
    "pst me if you want to join a group to get the 'Jenkins' title"
    Since I was only level 20 at the time on that character, I rushed to click on his name and whisper him to join. Five minutes later, I was in a group with 90 other people on my way to Redridge Mountains, where the group was to meet up. We must have completely filled the road to the Burning Steppes. Well, the level 80s got in the front, lower levels in the back, and we all ran to Blackrock Mountain. Once we got to the instance, it was a breeze. We had about 15 level 80s, oneshotting everything. It wasn't long before we were staring at the hundreds of rookery whelp eggs needed to get the title. We all shouted "Leeroy Jenkins!" and ran in there with zeal. It only took about 30 seconds before we got the title, and we celebrated in glee with our new titles. It was a fun day indeed.

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    Finding my guild.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Darkfrosty View Post
    First Gruul and Mag kills were very rewarding. I was also one of the first on my server in full T4 which was fun.

    More recently in Cata leading my guild to our first HM Madness kill was awesome. But by far my favorite fight in the game to this date would be HM Ragnaros even though I did it shortly after DS was released which made it a little easier than it was at current content it was still very enjoyable and rewarding.
    I concur. Heroic: Ragnaros is my favourite fight of all time.

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    Wearing my first shoulders back in vanilla, killing the green fire lock quest boss, and killing hc raid bosses that took us a lot of time to kill
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    I think the first was when I got my dreadsteed. That questline made it feel all the more worth it once I got it completed. The next I would think of how I use to be known on my server for being a great warlock to run through Mechanar. Being able to control my fear, banish, and enslave those demons helped saved a lot of wipes with the guys that through the bombs.

    As of recently, it has to be the green fire questline. That really did a great job with the difficultly and challenge of that.

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    Organizing and leading Zul'Aman bear mount runs in TBC. I still use the mount to this day.
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    When doing relinquary of souls back in BT on my healadin. The entire raid was dead and I got us our first kill by staying alive long enough for the boss to die from dots (last curse of doom tick). Don't think I have ever felt a bigger adrenalin rush in WoW!

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    when I got my perdition's blade, I loooooooooooooooved every single rogue movie in vanilla and EVERY single one was perdition/CHT. got CHT on my first run and perdition on my 7th, God it took so long and had to fight to not be benched!

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    Got to be all the "first time" things. Like first shoulders and helm, first mount, first flying mount, going in to a raid for the first time etc

    Also, going to outlands for the first time and hitting level 70

    And even my very first gold
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