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    i miss open world cause now you only sit your lazy ass in one place and press buttons to do PVP,PVE,WHATEVER ELSE (however i dont play wow anymore)

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    i miss invisible aimed shot.

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    i miss theese day's when i was noob in wow, green items, level up and exploring zones.
    i remember, when my first character was hunter, i wear on him, cloth mail and leather green items, i thinked there's no sense on options xD

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    Though I haven't read all of the posts, I feel the majority of them have to do with how the game felt back when it was new, but that is just it! When WoW was young it felt novel because we could never openly explore the world of Azeroth before. It has been about 9 years since launch and it only natural that the novelty is gone, but, alas, I do wish that the rigor and challenge of not just raiding and dungeons were still there, but I wish that blizzard challenged and engaged players like they did in classic. While leveling, don't add built in quest helpers, don't hold the player's hand through their journey to max level, make them be content with slowly reaching it by making the leveling process fun, make them engage their skills within the game, but also their cognitive abilities they use in real life.

    It is this that I feel has been lost in WoW, or at least, been reduced to something we only get small doses (i.e. challenge modes, warlock green fire, rogue legendary quests)that we get here and there.

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    I miss either of the old 60 point and 40 (correct me if wrong) point talent systems. This over simplified, watered down, hold your hand talent system is by far the LEAST interesting thing currently in game and I can't stand pokem.. err pet battles. That is by far my biggest gripe.

    Smallest complaint... give back my Wrath Fury (warrior) rotation, current fury rotation; >>personally<< , feels like it plays like a bad combat rogue. And along with that... GIMME Armor Pen back. I don't really care if people can't do the math behind it.. it wasn't hard in the first place.
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    At times, the frequent redundancy and stupidity of these forums, turns me into an argumentative ass.

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    I miss having more content and content that was not easy to complete and required a challenge. A lot of raid content (especially quests) werent completed by a lot of players until level 70 or 80.

    I also miss having so much content and having something to work for. It was ok that I didn't get to see the Black temple until near the end of the expansion but I worked to get there and that was an achievement! Something which lacks massively in todays game.

    I miss long quests that involved travelling, crafting items and took time.

    I miss grinds like the timbermaw rep grind. It was insane but it gave players something to work for.

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    I miss the sense of wonder, and not having everything crystal clear. I miss the community being a little nicer and the awe of the game still captivating.
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    Engineering items being actual fun instead of all the 'helps you dps/heal/tank' in raid every expansion after Wrath

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rivyr View Post
    Eliet mobs being eliet for a rason.

    Rare spawns actually being worth killing for the items they dropped.

    Blizzard working under the idea that wow is not for everyone. (Something I feel they should have held onto instead of trying to make it appeal to everyone.)

    Old pvp rank/reward system with title and gear based on personal dedication not best composition

    casters actually casting
    Isnt rarespawns more worth killing now than ever? They used to give normal xp and a green. Now they give more xp and pandaria gives blues and sometimes epics.

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    Me miss da time where I had to search for my totems when i gots da totem quest! All the way in the sea for the water totem those quests were great! Took long... But it was still awesome for the effort you had to put throught!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Drithien View Post
    I miss the feeling that the world of the game was vast, complex, and filled with mysteries and the potential for adventure.

    I miss having almost fourty zones to adventure in. Six campaigns to play through. The way each racial faction was fleshed out with their own stories, and weren't muddled up into a generic Alliance or Horde exclusively.

    I miss having all these zones that were not parts of any campaign, and just... were there, for you to travel to, and discover what they were about.

    I miss not having focused gameplay dictated by just high-performance raiders/pvpers.

    I miss the way the game let the player figure out stuff and didn;t hand-hold him everywhere, or do stuff for him all the time.

    I miss the immense in size group-dungeons, like Blackrock Depths, with the amazing work that was done there to flesh them out as living places, the lore, the characters (friendly or not), the quests, that sense of actually entering a dangerous place.

    I miss each class having an actually unique feeling, again before gameplay dictated by just high-performance raiders changed everything to boredom. also racia abilities for priests, melee weapons and abilities for hunters, in general the sense of freedom on how to play. Yes, there was a best way to play, but most players could have fun with all the different options, and could sleep just fine playing a shadow priest in vanilla or a feral druid, without muttering "balance, output, nooooo" in their dreams.

    I miss experimenting with mytalent builds. No, not for maximum performance, but fun!

    I miss the time when the game was not so reward-focused, and had actual content instead of substituting it with shinies; and how it made players just enjoy playing for the fun they derived (yes high-performance players in PvE and PvP almost always excluded, they just whined about itemisation, grinding, and anything else under the sun, but most players just had fun and couldnt; care less).

    I miss the slow levelling experience that made the world feel alive, with all those players being out and about. Making friendships with random players, fighting scare enemies that could actually kill you out in the wild, exploring zones; I miss having a huge world to play in instead of small portions of focused content.
    Everything this guy said. With special emphasis on the immense dungeons bit. Dungeons are one of my favorite things to do in WoW, not lately though. They just feel like an alternative to leveling or a way of capping your valor to maximize the number of items you can buy/upgrade rather than an experience to be remembered and think fondly of in the future.

    Also, all of my friends from vanilla. Oh god I miss them all

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    I miss it when pet store didn't exist yet/didn't contain stuff other than pet/mounts...

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    What do I miss? Well I suppose the realm communities that existed before cross realm battlegrounds and PvE and the drama that came with it. " THAT GUILD IS RUINING BGS WITH IT'S NAXX 40 EPICS, FFS " stuff along those lines.

    I miss the old quests that have been watered down with cataclysm chains such as the blasted lands,the battle for darrowshire and ones that have been completely removed such as Tirion Fordrings in the Eastern / Western Plaguelands.

    I miss the old talent trees there's a saying you don't know what you've got till it's gone and I feel this is very true, the talent trees in their current incarnation are not enjoyable for me personally people will still look for what's best out of each tier so removing the original was kinda pointless.

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    1.The lack of a Pet store.

    2.Server communities. While I can see that cross-realm PvE/PvP/realm transfers were necessary to move forward, they unhinged the server communities that existed at that time.

    3. My old friends. Only 1 is still on my old server. You make new friends of course, but I somehow feel the bond with the people from 8~ years ago was much stronger. I also miss seeing familiar names in Orgrimmar/Shrine. There are still some oldschool players left on the server, but they are few and dwindling.
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    nothing can return the past, sticking with the past makes us hate it and returning to it makes us hate it more.

    Let us remember it fondly and move on.

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    Using Thottbot in Vanilla and I miss being ignorant;
    not knowing about addons until BC. i didnt find MMO-C til BC, and wowinsider til wrath. After finding them it took out a lot of the mystery of the game, whether it be upcomming content or just lil hints n stuff about the game, or the constant bitching people would do over the smallest of things.

    So the loss of ignorance took out some of the amazement too, such as finding a level 60 paladin in full judgement set standing in stormwind being looked at in amazement from a bunch of lowbies. Not that the ease of gear these days is a bother, as you can still find some of the "newbs" in game today who gawk in awe at your gear, i think id just prefer to be one of those newbs. Nowadays i get a new peice, and i study it to ensure it truly is an upgrade, where as then it was like "Wow! a blue!" and equip it.

    I remember on maintenance nights (in Australia it used to happen in our peak hours, 8pm onwards, still does though but takes down bnet too) scouring the blizzard website, looking at their raid and dungeon sets, reading over the timeline and whatnot.

    Leading more on the ignorance of gear, i do miss plate items having agility and whatnot. It made sense for your character to have a wider array of stats, similar to a lot of older RPGs, where Int would boost your spells, Agility your crit and your Dodge, Strength the damage of your hits. Now in wow, these stats are be all and end all for specific users only.

    Although im glad its changed, its moreso missing the outcry that would ensue, when Honor would be calculated and given to you before maintenance. The lag that would hit our server was nuts, and everyone complaining about it, and waiting to see if you got the honor you needed.

    End of the day tho, i still enjoy the game as much as i did then, its just not as wonder filled and exciting as it was then, because ive literally grown up with the game. playing through vanilla and each expansion of the same game for that long, its no doubt id consider myself "good" with the plethora of resources available and time spent into 1 video game.

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