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    [Movies] Oldboy 2013.

    Well, we knew it would happen eventually...

    They ruined Oldboy.

    looks GODAWFUL, but I'll probably see it, because... Ya know... Sam Jackson.

    Looks like they've FUCKED the story up hard though, to be expected, Hollywood has never been big on Incest.
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    well, the good side of it is that it'll introduce the movie to people who would've never given the original the time of day... and maybe after seeing this, they will want to see the original

    i know i did that with hunger games (battle royale) and other popular remakes

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    Looks okay to me.. /shrug

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    I'm sure the story will remain the same, if you know the story and seen the original, you can see it spoiled before your very eyes. It looks way better than I thought it would be though. I'm odd, I really don't mind seeing a different retelling (i avoid calling them remakes) of stories I like. Could be this years Dredd for all we know and be a surprisingly well made retelling of the source material. Time will tell.

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    To me, it looks like a fairly average remake. I'm kind of disappointed in the way they seem to be spoon feeding information, rather than letting the viewer try to figure out the puzzle before the inevitable reveal though. Is the 'bad guy' narration really necessary? It kind of reminds me of the Blade Runner narration. I just hope it's not played over every key scene.

    Another thing that irked me was the corridor fight scene, possibly one of the best seemingly single-take fights, or just fights in general ever to be recorded on celluloid... The new version, just didn't look half as compelling. The camera work shown doesn't have a claustrophobic intimacy (same applies for most other scenes too) and it just didn't make me raise a brow in curiosity like the original Oldboy's trailer did.

    So yeah, I'm kind of judging this one straight off the bat; It looks decent, but I'm not expecting it to be even half as good as the original. May be worth a watch.

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