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    Next New Class

    Just been bored since im in middle of moving and havnt hooked up my gaming rigs to ensure i get things done, just been doing reading and getting my nerd on about different classes and i had thought about this a while back, "what would be the next class". I read on MMO-Champ a while back, everyone is all "ZOMG DEMON HUNTER" but that was before MoP hit, and before changes were implemented to warlocks. Alot of people still set on Sargeras being the next big boss, and the Burning Legion being a big part of the story has lead them to this idea of Demon hunters, but i think my idea fits better. So ive taken a few things into consideration like, how many of each archetype there are in the game.

    Currently there are 11 classes in the game, 5 Can heal, 6 can tank, 6 are ranged, and 7 are melee. Now i would love there to be just a pure DPS class edition, but at this point, its kinda redundant to give that, so there would probably be a double DPS\Healer, since that has the discrepancy. So it would need to have Healing capabilities, a Ranged, and a melee tree ala shaman or druid. Then an armor type, and IMO this is easy as there are 3 armor types off each, except Mail and also which weapons are least utilized, definitely ranged and probably 1h agi weapons, also daggers are really rogue only at this point so that would be good to throw in the mix. So a chainmail damage dealer as the main focus and a healing tree for subclass abilities.

    Goofy RP moment:
    With the coming dangers (enter whatever issue will befall Azeroth, but lets go with burning legion) drastic times call for drastic measures, and a meld of magical sources has been being conduncted by the Bronze Dragon Flight and Legends of Azeroth. Although the immortality has been taken from the aspects, the duties of which The bronze Flight has felt the need to maintain order in the time Rift. The Infinite dragonflight, though defeated, has left tears through out time, and remenants of Murozand being echo through time. Seeing the prowess and strength of Maiev Shadowsong in tracking and containing Illidain, the aspects turn to her in assisting a new ideal for weilding magics. Combining the strengths of nature magics perfected by the night elves and orcs, and nether magics of the Bronze flight, they look to new heros to take up the new unconventional ways of combat and magic, as the most powerful of nature and arcane are twisted together to combat and contain, the coming Legion (or whatever)

    Enter Wardens
    Essentially DPS focused Hybrid, having a Range, Melee, and Healing tree, they essentially are battlemages with more flare and utility. Battlemages are still mages at heart, so diversifying the trees otuside of Frost, Fire and Arcane were tricky. Wardens traditionally dealt in more unearthly magics such as Shadow, Undeath, Time and i threw in Light (evolved from arcane) So combining the 2 ideas, much like what they did with Deathknights and Runemasters, to get a more diversified class. Shadow and frost, Flame and Nature, Arcane and Time are the basis for the abilities and trees. Class will be more of a medium ranged fighter. Depending on spec, certain abilities will gain upgrades to enhance the fighting prowess. ie: Range spec will deal more damage with range abilities, but have the melee abilities be cast based or utility like, and the melee spec will have the opposite, with more damage from melee and range abilities being more for utility.
    Armor: Mail
    Weapons: Ranged, 1H Swords, Maces, Daggers, Pole-arms, Shields


    Shadow Ranger- Ranged Weapons
    Utilizing the skills and abilities perfected through millennium by now Nigh Elves, but concepts from the Highelves of years past, now blood elves, are more risky and chaotic, making for aggressive magic. As a Shadow Ranger, you utilize powers of frost and shadow, to deal damage and control your enemies. With a ranged weapon equipped, instead of casting spells you imbue your weapon allowing you to get casts off without using the usual "casting motions" of other casters. If engaged in melee combat, you utilize shadow abilities to mimic the actions of melee weapons you would normally use, giving you the space you need or control to keep your enemy right where you wan them. Ideally, mid range since allot of the "shadow" abilities (meleeish) would have a short range on them, but still maybe a cast time, you'd want to stay in a range where you could use your ranged abilities and your melee at the same time.

    Pyremaster- 1H Swords, Daggers, Hammers, Pole-arms
    Derived from the Orc Pyremasters, which originated on Draenor, these masters of flame and undeath caught the interest of the Bronze flight due to their power, yet control to be relatively pure and uncorrupted. Combined with a more natural magic, Earth, Pyremaster Wardens are able to deal astounding damage and control their environment, even themselves, through soil, rocks and wind. A melee class with a much better grasp on mid range then anyone else, Pyremasters work somewhat opposite of Dark Rangers, in that their melee abilities are enhanced, weapons imbued with Flame and Death, and ranged abilities are hard casted. Because of their control of fire and wind, their melee attacks have an extended reach, and is best to keep in a decent distance to allow your "range" abilities to go uninhibited.

    Chronomancer- 1H Swords, Maces, daggers, Shields
    The fight with the Infinite Dragonflight proved to be a very critical, in the research of the bronze flight. The infinite Dragonflight utilized short tears or shifts in time to cast powerful spells. Although initially used for harmful spells, the Bronze flight with the help of witty Gnomes obsessed with their inventions and time travel, devised the concept of mending wounds with these short tears or shifts, allowing trained Chronomancers to heal their allies, as well as increase battle prowess or even replicate damage. Through the combination of Arcane energies and Time manipulation they can use these same skills on enemies, to inflict devastating damage through special spells, or accelerating Damage over Time effects. Essentially chronomancers work like backwards Disc priests, instead of giving damage buffers through absorbs, they give damage modifiers through short increases, similar to how shouts used to work, or old weapon enchants.

    Overall abilities would sway between the 3 specializations. Certain crowd controls would be available to all 3 specs. One idea i had was "Stasis: Tears the target from time, leaving them in a state of stasis. They cannot be harmed and cannot harm". Similar effect to Cyclone. I also think the Mid-Range and Mid-Melee, would give a unique playstyle to the class. The 3 "specs" obviously would need alot more fleshing out, but i think the Shadow\Frost, Hellflame\Earth, and Arcane\Time magic combinations give a good theme to the class, being able to take from Battlemages and Rangers, 2 classes which alone mirror too much mages and hunters.

    Well, thats what i got. What yall think?

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    nothing? awwwwww

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    I'm not sure, I'm being pulled in 2 directions for different reasons.

    Gameplay mechanics wise, I would go with some sort of ranged physical dps class, either a tinker/engineer type class or another bow/gun user, maybe dark ranger, because we need another mail wearing class and possibly another class to make use of all those ranged weapons, gameplay wise, it makes the most sense.

    Lorewise? Well, if we end up with a burning legion expansion, Demon Hunters would be a likely candidate too, it's been said before that alot of their abilities are now residing with other classes, but I don't think that would stop Blizzard from redesigning from the ground up a viable and new concept for a demon hunter that was still concurrant with the lore.

    Edit: OK finished reading through your class concept, I like it, but I feel like shadow ranger doesn't seem to fit with the other specs, too different in flavour if you ask me, you've clearly given this some thought though.
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    It's an interesting idea, but I still think if they add another class(which I would say is iffy at this point, but you never know)it's likely to be Demon Hunter, for lore reasons, and for the fact it would be an excellent Hero Class(which IMO is likely the only kind of class they'll add by that point, to jump past all the old content and get them right up next to the previous xpac's levels at minimum, perhaps even straight to the new xpac's levels).

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    If we ever get a new class, which at this point I think is pretty unlikely, then it'll have to wear mail armour.

    The only new class that makes sense would be Demon Hunter, but as mentioned above alot of Demon Hunter abilities are spread over other classes.

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    Bard or Tinker, plz.

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    Demon Hunter probably has the strongest chance to come into existence!

    That's not to say I wouldn't like to see some others, it just seems like the most likely.

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    Not impressed. It doesn't tie in well with lore especially the abilities of the classes already in the universe like wardens/shadow ranger

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    I would be interested in a class who doesn't tank, heal or dps but instead augments the rest of the raid to perform better. How this would work I have no clue but it would be interesting nonetheless.

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    Do you keep reposting this every week? I think i have seen this exact post every week for last 2-3 months.

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    Id really love necromancer

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    I vote for an accension for all classes like arch druid archmage etc sort of like path of the titans was a bit of a personal touch to your character ,kind of how the current talent trees work but with stuff that are not dps raisers more like personal buffs eg more range for X spell or double casts and instant cast etc

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    Necromancer would be nice. One spec focuses on minions entirely. Skeletons, Zombies and Abominations. Another spec would focus on death magic and not minions. A caster DK. Third spec would be a support spec of sorts.

    But as next xpac focuses on burning legion, I don't see how a Necro would fit in :P More like a demon hunter Q_Q
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    Tinker, yes.. Tinker... or... Necromancer... Runemaster wouldn't mind..

    ... atleast this thread doesn't scream demon hunters.. I would sorta cry... They are supposed to be few.. if they got put in... then suddenly their stories are just another milkbox news.
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    pfff...who cares about some wardens. Most of the community want deamon hunters anyway (including me). There was great idea about this class design a while ago on mmo champ, which includes destroy armor to cover your body with runes, and fnishers that turn you into a deamon (darksiders anyone ? ) it was great.

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    I hope they do a class specific for horde and another for alliance. I miss horde only shamans and alliance only paladins they should have continued that trend, DK for Horde and Monk for alliance etc... would cut down on the gayness with faction switching

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    Like I said; Tinkers will be the next WoW class. Here's why;

    1. The Tinker Hero.

    Its pretty well know that Blizzard has pulled their expansion classes directly from WC3 heroes. First we had the Death Knight which was a combination of the Undead's hero units. Then we had Monks which were based from the Pandaren Brewmaster, and standard Monk archetypes. So its a pretty good bet that the next class will emerge from WoW's roster of hero units. However, several hero unit abilities currently reside within other WoW classes. Here is a list of the WC3 heroes, and the classes who have their abilities. Please note that all heroes have 4 abilities, so if the majority of those abilities are being used by other classes, it greatly diminishes the chance of a class based on that hero showing up in the game.

    Also please note that I only included abilities that used the same name as the ability in question;

    Blademaster: 2 Mages/Warriors
    Shadow Hunter: 3 Shaman
    Farseer: 4 Shaman
    Tauren Chieftain: 3 Warriors/Tauren Racial/Shaman

    Archemage: 3 Mages
    Blood Mage: 3 Mages/Warlocks (Drain Mana has been removed from the game)
    Mountain King: 3 Warriors
    Paladin: 3 Paladins

    Night Elves:
    Keeper of the Grove: 4 Druids (Thorns was removed from the game)
    Priestess of the Moon: 2 Hunters/Druids
    Warden: 2 Mages/Rogues
    Demon Hunter: 4 Rogues/Warlocks/Priest (Mana Burn was removed from the game)

    Death Knight: 4 Death Knight
    Lich: 3 Death Knight/Mages
    Dreadlord: 4 Warlocks/Death Knights
    Crypt Lord: 1 Death Knights

    Naga Sea Witch: 1 Mages (Mana shield was removed from the game. Replaced with Incanter's Ward in MoP)
    Dark Ranger: 3 Hunters/Priests/Warlocks (Drain Life was changed into Harvest Life in MoP)
    Brewmaster: 4 Monks
    Beastmaster: 1 Hunters
    Pit Lord: 3 Warlocks
    Goblin Tinker: 0
    Firelord: 2 Warlocks
    Goblin Alchemist:0

    So as you can see, the only heroes left that have no ability represenation in WoW are the Tinker unit and the Alchemist unit.

    2. The loot hole.

    Currently nearly every armor set has 3 classes using it. The only armor set that is still only using 2 classes is the mail armor set. A Tinker class could fill that gap easily, since it wouldn't go against the Tinker's lore to wear mail armor. Another big loot gap is bow/gun weapons. This gap is somewhat justified since Hunters can really only use Ranged weapons now. However, it does bother some that only one class can use 3 families of weapons with no competition. The 4th ranged weapon, Wands can be used by 3 different classes. It seems kind of imbalanced for all parities involved. A Tinker class could also use ranged weapons such as guns and crossbows and not break its lore.

    3. Thematics.

    As we enter the winter of WoW's life cycle, its getting harder and harder to think of unique class concepts that have a connection to the original RTS and the game itself. Monks came dangerously close to being too much like Rogues. Thankfully the unique style of the Pandaren Brewmaster, alongside a highly imaginative healing spec and resource system allowed Monks to still be a unique and entertaining class with a strong connection to the source material. I've always felt that one of the great strengths of WoW is that Blizzard is very particular about what classes they bring into the game. Sure fans would have loved to see a Necromancer in the game, but Blizzard instead chose to bring in a Death Knight with Necromantic abilities. So instead of adding yet ANOTHER clothie caster to the game that clashed with an existing class just because it was popular, Blizzard introduced a slightly less popular class that fit the game's dynamic (and loot tables) better.

    The Tinker would also be a very unique class concept in a class roster filled with traditional casters and old fashioned knights in armor swinging swords around. If implemented, this class would never be confused for another class in the game. Also it is the only class that is highly different than Hunters, but could still logically share guns and crossbows with them. Tinker would be unlike any other class that has ever been introduced. It would also finally give non-melee players a chance to play something new. Again, since none of its core abilities are in the spell books of other classes, the class wouldn't step on any toes during the implementation process.

    4. Hybrid Vigor

    Tinkers could clearly fit any role in the game. They could be melee, they could be ranged, they could be casters, they could fire weapons, they could heal their allies, they could tank, etc. Whatever Blizzard needs, the Tinker could fill the role pretty easily. A Dark Ranger could never tank or heal a raid, but a Tinker could, and it would make perfect sense. This is especially important since there is no 4th tri-spec (healing/tank/DPS) class currently in the game, and Blizzard may want to introduce such a class to finish off the class roster.

    5. Racial Harmony

    Like Monks before them, a Tinker class could be played by any race in the game. Like Martial Arts, technical know-how can be taught to anyone. This adds to a class' chance of implementation, because clearly the developers want class concepts that can be applied to as many races as possible. Everyone doesn't like Elves or Goblins, so the option to potentially be able to play a new class on your race of choice is highly attractive to the game developers.

    Also let's remember that Goblins and especially Gnomes need some love and some lore. These are two highly advanced races that have seemingly been looked over as the game has progressed. It would be cool to see Goblins and Gnomes finally have a class that properly reflects their unique cultures. Afterall, its pretty jarring to drive around in a car during the Goblin starting zone, and then hop out wearing a full suit of armor with a sword and shield.

    Bonus: The nerfing of Engineering

    In older expansions, Engineering would contribute a small DPS boost to a player. This is what set engineering apart from other professions, and made engineering a worthwhile profession to learn, because its potential money making ability was weaker compared to other professions. However, over time, balance issues began to emerge as people realized that engineering's DPS increase would give them advantages in raids and elsewhere, so many people began speccing into engineering to gain those benefits. Blizzard noticed this, and began to slowly scale back on giving engineering users certain weapons and upgrades that would give them an unfair advantage over other classes.

    In MoP, engineers has evolved into a profession that builds mounts, battle pets, and gear. There's nothing wrong with that, since engineering crafts are some of the most interesting and fun in the game. However, there are many engineering users who long for the ability to use their missiles, bombs, and Goblin guns, and be able to actually contribute decent DPS to a group. There's been many complaints on the official forums about how Blizzard has "nerfed" the engineering profession.

    This is where a Tinker class comes in. A Tinker class could have abilities that are similar to engineering gadgets and items, and allow players who enjoyed those abilities to actually contribute DPS, Healing, or Tanking using engineering style abilities. This would also free up engineering to just be the crafting profession it was meant to be, and those seeking to fight monsters with more modern weapons can have a home within the Tinker class.

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    nothing? awwwwww
    There's already a glut of melee classes. Why would we need/want another melee on top of the 7 that can already do so?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Felarion View Post
    pfff...who cares about some wardens. Most of the community want deamon hunters anyway (including me).
    You are not most of the community. You do not know what most of the community wants.

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    Wardens are already a named class type in the game.

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