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    [Any Medium] Most shocking scene? *possible spoilers*

    So what was your most devastating or shocking scene in a movie, book, or TV show?

    *possible spoilers depending on what people post*


    I still remember the moment I got to Robb Stark's death in A Storm of Swords. I flipped out. Totally flipped out. I stared at the text, stuttering and cursing. "Son of a f**king bitch, he was the King in the goddamn North and my favorite character after Ned died. GODDAMMIT MARTIN"

    As for TV, the Red Wedding didn't shock me, but only because I read the book already. Still, seeing it actually happen was . . . brutal. However, the way Gus Fring killed Victor in Breaking Bad (warning, lots of blood) in Season 4 . . . totally blew me away. Or when Moriarty shoots himself at the end of the Reichenbach Fall in BBC's Sherlock.
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    I think Ned dying was a bigger shock for me, I wasn't expecting that at all! I also watched the first season before I read the books, so maybe seeing it was more shocking than reading about it, I don't know.
    After that I was kinda prepared for anything to happen though, at least that characters would probably die. I still got shocked a few times while reading the books. Just not as much as when Ned died.

    From my childhood, I think Mufasa dying was the biggest shock for me. Still my favorite movie!
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    First moment to come to mind was a recent Fairy Tail manga chapter involving Gray Fullbuster Boom! Headshot. (he got better next chapter)

    Both Ned's execution and the Red Wedding were pretty shocking, though Ned's was more so for me.

    The destruction of Monteriggioni Villa in AC:Brotherhood. I had spent all of AC2 building that place up

    Dexter Season 4 finale.

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    The infamous rape scene in Irreversible. I knew it was coming but it was still shocking. Probably the most uncomfortable 5min I've ever sat through, that and the nauseating opening sequence leading up to and ending in some guy getting his skull bashed in with a fire extinguisher.

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    I've got to say, as consistently brilliant as it was last season, one of the most trivial deaths on Walking Dead made me go "Holy crap-- Did they just--? Jesus, they did!"

    Axel's walking outside the prison talking to Carol, and mid-sentence.... *Pop*. Completely random and brutal, and that was obviously the point of it. It was more the shock of the abruptness of it.
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    Code Geass.

    When Lelouch accidentally uses his Geass to make Euphemia slaughter innocent people with a fully automatic weapon. The most pure hearted, innocent and peace loving person in the entire series literally just starts gunning people down while spouting hate speech. Shocking doesn't even fucking describe it.
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    Evangelion ending (not End of Evangelion, the series ending). I literally screamed "WHAT THE FUCK WAS THAT SHIT" and had to spend 5 minutes rambling to myself about how much it sucked and how little closure it brought to the series.

    Ima add to this Attack on Titan "episode 13.5 - The Recappining"; You do not need to recap a series mid-season when you recap what happened the previous episode/several episodes at the start of every episode for 3 whole minutes, honest to fucking god there are better ways to fill time in an episode to fit the time allocation.
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    Maybe the rape scene inn Men that hates wemen.

    ...But inn reality I know its gonna be August Underground Mourdom, when I once "watched" it (More like skipped abit around it, saw 1-2 minutes and skipped etc). Mentioned it before on these boards, but that shit is just disturbed fake-snuff film...Why such films was even made =/ Overall its really booring movie, but some of the scenes inn it...
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    The last 3 minutes of the first episodes all of whom you see are the main characters of the episode.

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    Can I suggest a new format so people dont spoil everything unintentionally?

    Media: Game of Thrones - TV Series

    Scene: The red wedding where everyone dies, god damn that was random as all hell.

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    The end of Season 1 of 24

    So there's this new TV show, the hero has won, time for the traditional Network TV happy ending and...oh wait, his wife is murdered by his traitor former friend, and the season ends with the lead holding the body of the woman he spent 24 episodes trying to save dead in his arms?

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