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    What do you miss from 'Old WoW'?

    WoW 2013 is clearly a very different game from WoW 2004. It has changed, and we've all changed.

    But thinking back on the good old days, what do you miss most? It can be from any expansion as well.

    I'll go first and name a couple.

    # I miss leveling a Horde character and going into RFK and RFD with an urgent sense of danger.

    # I miss flying over the little rivers of Elwynn forest with a sense of wonder.

    # I miss travelling through Un'Goro and Feralas, feeling I was the furthest away I could ever get from civilization. I felt like the world was massive around me.

    # I miss fighting over Tarren Mill.
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    # I miss that hunters can't use polearms/staffs/swords anymore on their back
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    Goddamn it, Gimlix, why do you keep making these threads?
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    Goddamn it, Gimlix, why do you keep making these threads?

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    Getting to Westfall for the first time and thinking, "Man. These coast dwelling Murlocs are such a pain in the ass. I'm better off trying to cut a path through the countryside here... annnnddd I'm overrun by gnolls."

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    Some of the music.

    I love the Music cata brought, but some older ones have a permanent place in my memory.

    And even though it wasn't too long ago, I miss the Battle for the Undercity quest.

    I also miss 40 man raids (in general) and 40 man raids on Hogger as low levels.


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    Having to find the flight masters in order to access them. Simply flying around nowadays is boring.

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    Fix or remove these 2 and WoW is back again. Oh and also the "awe" feel however that wont come back sadly.

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    What do you miss from 'Old WoW'?

    How can I describe this. It feels like someone kicking you out from your country, where you lived some of your best days, and forbidding you to return.

    There you have it.

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    I miss the feeling that the world of the game was vast, complex, and filled with mysteries and the potential for adventure.

    I miss having almost fourty zones to adventure in. Six campaigns to play through. The way each racial faction was fleshed out with their own stories, and weren't muddled up into a generic Alliance or Horde exclusively.

    I miss having all these zones that were not parts of any campaign, and just... were there, for you to travel to, and discover what they were about.

    I miss not having focused gameplay dictated by just high-performance raiders/pvpers.

    I miss the way the game let the player figure out stuff and didn;t hand-hold him everywhere, or do stuff for him all the time.

    I miss the immense in size group-dungeons, like Blackrock Depths, with the amazing work that was done there to flesh them out as living places, the lore, the characters (friendly or not), the quests, that sense of actually entering a dangerous place.

    I miss each class having an actually unique feeling, again before gameplay dictated by just high-performance raiders changed everything to boredom. also racia abilities for priests, melee weapons and abilities for hunters, in general the sense of freedom on how to play. Yes, there was a best way to play, but most players could have fun with all the different options, and could sleep just fine playing a shadow priest in vanilla or a feral druid, without muttering "balance, output, nooooo" in their dreams.

    I miss experimenting with mytalent builds. No, not for maximum performance, but fun!

    I miss the time when the game was not so reward-focused, and had actual content instead of substituting it with shinies; and how it made players just enjoy playing for the fun they derived (yes high-performance players in PvE and PvP almost always excluded, they just whined about itemisation, grinding, and anything else under the sun, but most players just had fun and couldnt; care less).

    I miss the slow levelling experience that made the world feel alive, with all those players being out and about. Making friendships with random players, fighting scare enemies that could actually kill you out in the wild, exploring zones; I miss having a huge world to play in instead of small portions of focused content.
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    I miss the similarities to Warcraft III.

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    Quote Originally Posted by enchanted View Post
    The Community
    Fix or remove these 2 and WoW is back again. Oh and also the "awe" feel however that wont come back sadly.
    So..Tier 12 was the "old" WoW? And LFR is used by 20% yet it destroyed the community. Oooookay.

    The sense of wonder I can understand. But I know it came from being new to the game. New things become old things. I couldn't find my way in the new Orgrimmar of Cata. Now I don't remember the old Orgrimmar.

    My home has always been my guild. Thatw as my community. And it still is. But even that place? Raiding since 2005....I bet more than 200 new faces have come and gone and of my original people I raided MC with, there are 5 included.

    LFR didn't cause that....

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    The feeling that parts of the world had never been encountered by players other than you... broad swathes of coastline that took you fifteen minutes of dedicated swimming to reach, and then there'd be some fancy ruin or cave complex - completely empty mind you - but it felt like an easter egg left just for you by the developers for your persistence in exploring.

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    I miss the difficulty of getting gear. Getting epic gear was a very big deal I remember being the second pally on my server to get full Lawbringer and having all the low level paladins look in awe.
    I miss the warlock and paladin mount quests where not only did you need to have allot of gold to get you had to find 4 people willing to help you out to get it.
    I miss when people would help each other out and do stuff without having to get anything in return.
    I miss when we didn't have as many punk kids with superiority complexes always feeling the need to make backhanded comments or degrade people that ask a question.
    I miss instances being 10-15 man and raids being 25-40 man.

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    I'm not that nostalgic (i dont really want to play classic/tbc again), but sometimes i kinda miss those weekend nights when i just went to some feralas cave and grinded mobs for hours. Just my toon, respawning nagas and good music.

    Edit: yeah, i can still do that, but it would not be the same. Maybe i just want to be "new" to this game again.
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    the old world and quests. and the loading screens. thats about it

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    The only thing I miss are someone of the people I played with during Vanilla. There are so so many other things that I don't miss from then.

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    Quote Originally Posted by det View Post
    So..Tier 12 was the "old" WoW? And LFR is used by 20% yet it destroyed the community. Oooookay.
    Tbh with all the outrage about LFR and it changing the way of loot and stuff I do miss WoW before LFR was implemented... More like Wrath kind-of

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    The distinct lack of nostalgia-fueled posts because the game hadn't been out long enough yet for people to complain about it going down the drain. But then again, the posts that filled a similar role were probably more along the lines of 'amg guiz wow is for noobs, everquest is for real gamers, why are mmo's catering to casuals????'
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    60 lvs of discovering world very often while doing grey area mobs quests which has taken me 2 months to reach max lv - not 1 week like nowadays wow - something which will never come back when game was fresh and new and world pvp when it wasnt dictature of people in full conquest gear only equal fight between chars in quest greens
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    I could sit here all day and nitpick, but the main thing I miss is world PvP without flying mounts and people being out in the world, at any level.

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    Miss the old community.
    Miss the old Ardent Defender (WoTLK)
    Miss that the world felt big
    Miss Cairne
    Miss when Horde and Alliance had one class that the other couldn't have
    Miss Cairne
    Miss when the world bosses would kick your ass (Green dragons, F U!)
    Miss the old Sunken Temple (YES, I WENT THERE! COME AT ME BROKKERS!)
    Miss the 40 man raids, when you were able to gather people for the same cause
    Miss old Tarren Mill
    Miss old Southshore
    Miss Southshore Vs. Tarren Mill
    Miss the Warth of the Lich King talent tree
    Miss travelling for a cause
    Miss when people weren't in a hurry
    Miss the self-achievements from surviving a PvP attack while doing a quest
    Miss the Barrens chat from back then
    Miss the low needs we had for shiny things
    Miss the work we had to do for our classes, felt more right
    Miss meeting at the summoning stone
    Miss having the closeness of your friends during dungeons (Though, do enjoy the LFD system as it allowed to you group with people cross server)
    Miss the feeling of crafting your first epic, when it really was horrible to make (all the damn mats needed - still worth it)
    Miss the feeling of going into battle, knowing that you may fight for ages
    Miss the hunt, that one hunters pet you wanted, but had to travel so far
    Miss when people respected each other more

    Is that enough?.. *blush*

    (I know I wrote Cairne twice, on purpose)
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