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    Will this run WoW Pre-built

    My main goal is just to be able to run WoW at the lowest settings I have been looking at these for a while now and I find these to be very nice.

    Here is the cheaper one

    Here is the more expensive faster one:

    The second one has more slots for video cards. Which one is better for WoW?

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    I think you will get an infraction but i laughed, so well done!

    I think you need to buy the second one and make sure to add some extra cooling, i see too many slots on there man.

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    You should take the first one, its cheaper and will still run WoW fine on low settings.
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    Honestly, for what you're trying to do, the first system is probably your best bet. The second one costs twice as much and really doesn't give much performance benefit unless you're in large groups, and even then, eh.

    Not only that, but the K models are honestly just better designed, with higher quality components. Unless you're running it at 100% load 24/7, I think it'll last you longer in the long run. Not only that but aesthetic-wise, the red and slimmer profile is just nicer, and if you really need more, you might be wanting to look at a larger budget altogether.
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    Have u considered making the switch to microwaves? They arent really that different and you get alot less crumbs in your system.
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    lol is it bad that I think the first one would make a sweet ITX case.

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    I lol'd.. and it's night.. probably woke everyone xD

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    I had to add a little humor xD.

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    Quote Originally Posted by slackjawsix View Post
    Have u considered making the switch to microwaves? They arent really that different and you get alot less crumbs in your system.
    My friends told me Toasters>Microwaves for gaming so yah. Is it possible to add watercooling?

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