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    Quote Originally Posted by Anarchor View Post
    Any smart customer would not support this... Use your brains people, stop throwing your money at Blizzard before they start selling (old) tier-sets too...
    What happened to your hilarious signature?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dch48 View Post
    Content is dungeons, raids, quests, battlegrounds, etc. Things you do and explore. Mounts and pets are not content, they're just the fluff.
    Sorry to break it to you but mounts and gear are considered just as much content as the paths I took to get them.

    This game has always been about getting new things. Mounts, gear whatever. The entire transmog system was to expand the look of gear and give more appearance content.

    No way I could pay a sub for this type of game development on wow. If it was a f2p game, I could see this happening but it's not.

    If I were playing wow, I no longer would be.

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