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    Frame stuttering, blues cant help. ideas?

    So I resubbed a week ago. Everything was fine. Then, one day the game suffered from occasional frame stuttering, framerate drops to 11-15 frames for a few seconds, then goes back to normal. During the rest of the week these frame drops became more frequent.
    My attempts to fix it were the following:
    • turning v-sync on and off, same for triple buffering, see if there was a link. there wasnt.
    • dx11 to dx9. This used to work in the early days of MOP. Now it did nothing.
    • Checking my hardware - that is harddrive for broken blocks, whether my Graphics card is too hot. All good here.
    • Updating my driver from Gforce 314 beta to 331 retail released on november 7th I think. I thought that was it because I was able to play for about an hour without drops, then it happend again.
    • Getting rid of the battle.net beta client. Didnt help either.
    • Disabling input lag and network speed. Didnt do anything.
    • reducing graphics to a minimum. Didnt help at all. Well except for the usual increase in frame rate in general but that doesnt help me with my problem.
    • And finally: Deleting every folder that one can delete. That is WTF, cache, interface, battle.net folders. Those the blues always mention in their troubleshooting guides.

    I did not disable addons because I dont have any addons. So the problem is not 3rd party software related. I could play just fine in 5.3 so the 5.2 issue shouldnt affect me. You know, there were numerous threads about fps stuttering since 5.2. But well, maybe the 5.2 issue which is believed to be on Blizzard's end could affect me through some patch, I donkt know.

    As you can see, I think I have tried everything one can think of. I now unsubbed again because the game is not playable in this state. However, I just wanted to step by and see if one of you guys got another suggestion what to do and how to fix stuttering.

    About my rig. It is fairly old but I used to run WoW just fine, suitable for my needs. Something has changed on the game side because I havent modified my rig since I unsubbed in 5.3.

    But to give you some details. Gforce 8800 GT, intel 2.3ghz duo core, 4 gb ram.

    So any advice what I could have overlooked or whatever?

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    Some general simple suggestions:

    1. Disable all addons (i really mean all addons, no exceptions).

    2. In wow launcher, click on settings and try choosing a different directX and try running in ether 32/64 bit mode - also try changing any setting in WoW graphic/advanced/sound, try the WoW fps cap (make it down to like 50fps to test).

    3. Try the various compatibility options available when you right click/properties on the exe of wow (the game itself) in it's instal folder.

    4. Do you have a built in CPU/Motherboard graphic unit? If so, try disabling it either through BIOS or through ATI/NVIDIA settings and just let your dedicated ATI/NVIDIA gpu run.

    5. Download free software called CCleaner and Speccy - they are immensely useful for cleaning your pc, your registry, removing a lot of software issues and making sure your PC is not overheating (i consider those programs mandatory for a healthy pc).

    6. Google search a lagg/packet loss test blizzard suggests to their customers - it involves testing your internet connection to see are you properly reaching blizz servers, and are there any packet/data losses between the two of you.

    7. Disable/unplug anything that is not a: mouse, keyboard, monitor, sound speakers(or headphones).

    8. Check do you properly have drivers installed, especially if you are running a 64bit system (32 bit drivers are not good for a 64 bit system).

    9. Do a WoW repair through it's launcher, it might take some time.

    10. Download a hardware-testing/checking software of your choice (it usually has to be either 100% free, purchased or cracked to fully do it's job), just to make a basic check of your hardware's status and health.

    11. Open the run command (windows key + R) and type msconfig.exe . Click Services, then tick Hide All Microsoft services, then click Disable all. Go to Startup tab and click Disable all. Click OK and restart your PC.

    12. Fiddle with all the settings in your Nvidia/Ati control center (usually located in control panel) - also change your Windows power plan settings to High Performance (also in control panel).

    These are just some things you can try, let us know did anything help.
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