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    Any unobtainable Armor and Weapons you'd like to see transmoggable?

    Well like the title says, is there any unobtainable armor or weapons you wanna see made available?
    Pieces only worn by NPCs or any current gear you'd like to see with a different color/skin?

    I love transmogrification, so much that my void storage is entirely filled up, but still I crave more stuff to transmogrify to.

    Remember the look of the Argent Crusaders in Stratholme? Basically they're wearing a different skin of ToC armor I would love to use. And ofc one of the coolest shields in my opinion: - not obtainable. Makes me sad =(

    And then of course there is the missing belt and boots for several (or maybe all?) Heroic tier 10 sets. God I want red belt and boots for my Heroic T10 warrior set :S
    And of course the blue skin of Warrior T10 worn only by Muradin. I'm so jealous of that guy.

    Transmogrification is perhaps my favorite feature in WoW, and there's so much Blizzard could do with it. I hope we'll see more stuff added in the future made solely for the purpose of transmog. No stats just good looks! Maybe warglaives some day? Here's hoping

    What would you folks like to see made available for transmog?

    PS: Don't start complaining about the 3 headpieces that is being added to the Blizzard Store as there is already a complaint-post about it

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    Chen's Outfit.

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    Yes! Definitely. Love his look. There is a MoP Leather quest set that almost look like it , only white-ish. Still his look is more awesome

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    the lich kings armor and sword

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    Sad that the blue version of Pally T12 never made it in game, looks fantastic.

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    King Magni's armor and the set that Anduin's one dimensional father wears. (you know, the so called King of Stormwind who really doesn't do much in the whole Alliance-Horde war thing?).

    Tirion Fordragon's special white version of the lightsworn garb.
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    Boots for the 25 man Ulduar warrior set. Also aforementioned belt/boots for t10 warrior set.

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    cata 'white' gears and mop 'white' gears.

    Top Hat and Gilnean suits.

    Dark Ranger gears.

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    Corrupted Ashbringer

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    Along with the slew of other weapon models made for the game that never made it into player's hands.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Valyrian Stormclaw View Post

    Tirion Fordragon's special white version of the lightsworn garb.
    Ah I love that one, looks awesome

    Quote Originally Posted by Gorca View Post
    Boots for the 25 man Ulduar warrior set. Also aforementioned belt/boots for t10 warrior set.
    I use that set on my warrior and just use the boots that goes with T10 25m warrior set , works good more so with the belt too

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    The one handed mace that the Tauren in Thunderbluff (at the flight masters) used.
    He wears the horde warrior T9 with to maced that look so awesome together.

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    Also; belt and boots for T8 Mage. Chest for the Ulduar 25 mage-look-alike.

    Also, the black version of Priest T6.

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    Pretty much everything Sylvanas is wearing =P

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    Every NPC item and tabard unavailable to players. o:

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    I've always liked the lich kings boots. I want his boots

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    They need to bring back the Cataclysmic Pvp sets I want the Warrior and DK sets so bad

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    Every existing recolor of every item. If the model is in the data files, I want to be able to obtain it.

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    Arthas' COS armor, particularly the cloak.

    The glaive-weapon carried by Silvermoon City guards.

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