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    The orignal model of Blade of Savagery looked amazing, shame it wasn't used again.

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    Guard sets.

    I'd instantly give my Undead Hunter a Deathguard look.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dark Exerus View Post
    What are those swords? I never saw those before(I know a lot of people will think no way on this but I could see those swords being a blizz store transmog item which changes its color scheme depending what expansion zone you are in). What I would like to see is the brown version of the Dk acherus starting gear and merchant lorvo's legs. Also the 2 shaman bosses in Siege so far seem to have gear we have yet to see for players. If I was to get a recolor of something I would like a black version of the second dk starting set.
    Since the human is wearing t8 DK gear, I'd assume that these swords were meant to drop from Ulduar but they later changed the model

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    Quote Originally Posted by Admiral Daelin Proudmoore View Post
    Every existing recolor of every item. If the model is in the data files, I want to be able to obtain it.

    This, yep. If it is currently not available and has never been, then it should become available someway. Even some that were simply removed. Not Corrupted Ashbringer and all, though.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Admiral Daelin Proudmoore View Post
    Every existing recolor of every item. If the model is in the data files, I want to be able to obtain it.
    Agreed. There's a purple version of the Warlock challenge armor set that never made it live (at least not to my knowledge).

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    I guess now I know what Blizzard planned with all these. And I will happy if these weapons will make it to the game at least from the Blizz Store. I love most of the Alliance ones.
    Here they are, themed weapons for most characteristic race-class combos:

    Draenei Paladin

    Worgen Death Knight

    Human Priest

    Blood Elf Mage

    Gnome Warlock

    Night Elf Druid

    Troll Shaman

    Orc Warrior

    Tauren Shaman

    Goblin Rogue

    Undead Rogue

    Dwarf Hunter

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    I was hoping to see those models from Siege of Orgrimmar. But, it's possible they could come from the in-game store, or Pet Store (which now needs to be renamed...)
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    btw: Spires of Arak = Arakkoa.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ciddy View Post
    Everything the Lich King wears, including Frostmourne.

    I know there'd probably be a clone army of plate wearers running around if that were possible, but man, his gear would look so badass on a warrior. I probably wouldn't wear the entire full set all the time, but just being able to mix and match his gear with other armor pieces available in game could make for some awesome looking sets.
    Every armor compared to his armor would look outdated so it wouldn't work well. Considering he actually has detailed chestplates and legging. Real detail.

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    Of course, most of this stuff, just in the pet store! :P

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    Grand Magister Rommath's robe and the bow this guy uses:

    Quote Originally Posted by Admiral Daelin Proudmoore View Post
    Every existing recolor of every item. If the model is in the data files, I want to be able to obtain it.
    This, basically.

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    Gear from the new Kor'kron NPC's and their tabard. It's for my warrior.

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    I would totally want blue version of this sword .. This npc has it ..
    Yeah and that argent crusader shield that OP mentions.

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    The new store helmets.

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    Blue DK T12. I don't even understand why they never released this one.

    Also, blue warrior T10 is awesome. And the new Dark Shaman gear is also pretty neat.

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    All of the missing shoes and belts. ALL OF THEM.

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    This helmet off of Freya since every time I kill her she does not drop a chest. Every week I kill her, every week a chest doesn't drop, every week I put in the ticket, every week I ask if they can just give me the damn helmet that has probably already dropped in the chest that doesn't spawn so I can stop wasting their time and mine putting these damn tickets in.

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    The last elite paladin PvP set from Cata (Season 11?). Couldn't find people to arena with to get it

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    I really want the shield from the royal guards in UC. There's a lot of guards and NPC's with unique looks, that I would love to be able to look like.

    The old high warlord and grand marshal sets should be available to all, I have access to it on one character myself. But it's not the right one... :P
    Really every removed armor and weapon model would be great to have back.

    More storage is desperately needed though..

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    Quote Originally Posted by Doffer View Post

    PS: Don't start complaining about the 3 headpieces that is being added to the Blizzard Store as there is already a complaint-post about it
    Hahahaha yeah fucking right.

    Shit armor goes in game, pretty armor goes on the store. Calling now.
    Classic servers are silly.

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