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    Quote Originally Posted by Robbyjawz View Post
    It is transmoggable, but unobtainable now: the Blackened Defias Leather set, and they beed to make that red mask transmogable as well, I have all of those mask lookalikes on my rogue, and none of them are red, it makes me sad. As does the fact that I only ever got the chest piece of the Defias set.
    I have a red mask on my Hunter. Was a BoE drop I think

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    this TOUSAND times this..

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    different colour challenge mode sets. example i used was a yellow/grey paladin challenge mode set

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    Quote Originally Posted by Saafe View Post
    Pretty much everything Sylvanas is wearing =P
    This. I know she's supposed to be a ranger but that cloak would be perfect for an undead rogue. We need hooded cloaks!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tommo View Post
    Benediction went away a few years ago im sure. At the start of Cata I think. Probably for the best imo.
    The quests to obtain it went away with the Shattering, similar to Rhok'delar for hunters.

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    Also, the armour the necromancers in Drak'Tharon Keep wear (and Heigan/Gothik).

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    Red recolor of paladin challenge mode set, like it can be seen in Shrine near the CM vendor.

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