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    Any have name themes

    I wonder does any one here name all their characters based on a single theme, like me i use Red vs Blue as my theme Blarglord, Cáboose, Gríf, Dòc... and so on and so on. I haven't used Tex mainly cause i live there and its way to stereotypical.

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    Not in wow, but my characters in other mmo's are usually August Burns Red albums.
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    my alts are Arya, Asha, Cersei, Sansa and Melisandre

    so yeah ^^
    what can i say, i'm bad with names

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    I like lore sounding names, so I have things similar to Enosh. Kuel, Gorfax, Nasdak etc.

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    I have Isis, Ra and Bast alts, so yes I guess

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    Usually my names are related to the class. Barrels for my monk, Thrust for my rogue, Santorum for my warlock.

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    My mains name is Noorri, and all my alts are variations on that. Naarri, Nuurri, Moorri etc.

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    Though I named my rogue Eazye, I found a good idea to name other classes, their names will be from astronomy, like:
    Antares, Aldebaran, Vega, Sagittarius, Castor, Pollux etc.

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    Well I take vegtables and fruits and change a few letters. Radish ---> Ridish and so on.

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    Don't really have a theme, but I like all my characters to have names that sound like they could be a proper name for that race.

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    My deathknight has a name that is a variation of a demon's name (how original, hehe).
    My Paladin is named after an album by a swedish musician that I love.
    My rogue has my nickname on the forum which is from school. My hunter's name is from a cartoon character in my youth.
    My Monk - a variation of the lead character in the TV series Kung Fu from the 70s (again original I know)

    The rest is rather random and made up so that it sounds pleasingly. Not really a theme that encompasses all my 11 characters though.

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    Most of my names are ripped from music, like metal band names or their albums, however I try to use them in a way they make at least some sense. I'm really bad at making up names for characters and that shows in games where you have to choose lore friendly names (not in WoW, but GW2 and SW:tOR are good examples, maybe EVE Online too).
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    Three of my characters are named after Game of Thrones characters (Velaryon, Santagar, Melisandre), my old main is named the same as my MMO-C name, my warrior has a unisex name. I tend to fit the character/class to the name or use unisex names. I try to use names that are easily pronounceable to make it less of a hassle for guildies but most of the time they just call me Mes anyways lol.

    Quick edit: If I ever have troubles trying to pick a name I consult 20000-names and pick something from there (like my monks name :3)
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    I named my druid night elf druid, Aeonidus, my human rogue, Swearengen, goblin rogue Paibok, dwarf paladin and priest Merruig and Ordrig, Troll priest Swejin, undead warlock Yirosk, human mage Emberius, human hunter Gudovan and blood elf mage Latheosin. Each sounding as close to a "real" name in a fantasy setting and sound authentic when pronounced

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    I used Zodiac Signs for my characters in SWTOR.
    Im Garrus Vakarian and this is my favourite Spot on the Internet.

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    Yes. I got interested in WoW from playing 'Warhammer: Dawn of War'. They have somewhat similar artwork, and When I started playing, friends were playing Horde, so I played around with the character creation screen, and liked the Orcs the most of the classic races. I made an Orc male named Waargh, from the WH: DoW Ork "WAAAGH!" banners in that game. I think he was a warrior, or hunter. I played around with him for a bit, and decided to make a family of Orcs, one of each class. Next I started making female Orcs: Waaghra, Waaghrena, Waraaghara, Waaragha and Waaraghra, and deleted the male. When they added DK's, I made Waaghrella, and then Waaghranna, my mage. Finally, I rounded out the clan with Waagharia, the monk. To complete the classes in BC, I had a BE paladin named Quelthalana and Troll priest named Morgeena, and a mage Moreganna that became Waaghranna. I had a Tauren druid named Oxana, and wanted to simplify all the classes to 2 races, so I changed the paladin and priest to Tauren and renamed them Oxara and Oxonya, and got a second account and added Moximo, Moxen, Moxwell and Oxandra to the mix. The Tauren names being a cross between Man and Ox(en).

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    Usually try to find a name that fits the race.

    FC - 2234-7580-4322
    Ingame - Mille
    DS name - Groggen

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    All of my characters that I play regularly are either Japanese or a reference to something Japanese.

    Warrior Ephriam, Main character of Fire Emblem: Sacred Stones
    Paladin Kalcifur, Fire Demon from Studio Ghibli movie "Howl's Moving Castle"
    Rogue Tsunayoshi, Main character from Anime Series "Kateikyoushi Hitman Reborn"
    Naftc, "Hunters are the cheapest class in game and when played right are more deadly than a train plowing through a field of bunnies covered in napalm"

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    My char names are all either variations of my second name which is Mangham but i also try to add a little flavour of the character. Few examples.

    Mangaknight - my human dk ofc

    Manghaam - my gnome (duno why but fits the irish theme to me)

    Magnanamus - my dwarf (sounds scottish to me)

    Shamangham - My troll shaman (see what i did thar)

    etc etc

    Or my names are of my kids




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    When I first started gaming I joined a friends wc3 clan named "Hunting" so I ended up using "Hunting-Bear" as a gamer tag, that was 13-14 years ago or something. Now it's mainly "Bear" but I still have alt(s) with the Hunting-Bear tag, it's nostalgic reminds me of how bad I was when I started out.
    I remember my very first lan with my parents computers when I was 10, CS 1.6 with 4000ms and roughly 0.4 fps, ended up borrowing a friends dads computer for the weekend. Still one of the best "early gamer" memories I have, damn you thread... didn't want to go on the nostalgia trip today. *tears up* | Recruiting exceptional players!

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