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    what the spawn rate of archaeology dig sites?

    I need 76 more Fossil fragments to get the mount , and there is no fossil dig sites on my map
    how long does it take to spawn?

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    when you remove one, you get a random new one

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    so I need to clear the whole Eestern Kingdoms to get new digsites?

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    Naw, if you clear one out another one will pop up.
    It's like hitting hippies.

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    Quote Originally Posted by sabag123 View Post
    so I need to clear the whole Eestern Kingdoms to get new digsites?
    Yes, everytime one goes down another one pops up randomly.

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    ok ,thx.
    and there are races that I haven't discovered yet.

    how i can discover them?

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    It looks like you are missing a couple from Outlands (Draenei and Orc). Just keep clearing the sites you do have and you'll keep discovering more.

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    You are missing:
    Orc; only spawns in Outland
    Draenei; only spawns in Outland
    Tol'Vir; only spawns in Kalimdor after reaching 450 skill
    Pandaren; only spawns in Pandaria
    Mantid; only spawns in Pandaria
    Vrykul; only spawns in Northrend

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    thx Delaios exactly what i was needed.

    Tol'Vir spawns only in uldum ? that's what i saw in wowhead

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    Yeah, Tol'Vir is only Uldum. Most people find it easier to just do archaeology in Pandaria. When you complete a project you "box it up" and trade it in for fragments of another(in your case you can choose fossil until you get that skeletal raptor mount). I actually ended up using my spirits of harmony(had nothing else to use them for) for Tol'Vir fragments until I got my ultramarine qiraji battle tank. It doesn't hurt that there are quite a few achievements associated with archaeology in Pandaria that take a decent amount of time to work through as well.
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    You can also buy http://www.wowhead.com/item=95509#comments from Brann (costs 1 caged artifact). When you re-zone, it re-shuffles your digsites. Just keep entering Uldum until you get a Tol'Vir site (they are quite rare unless you've solved every Night Elf and Fossil artifact). Not 100% sure if it still works, I stopped using it after I got my Tol'Vir mount.

    If it doesn't work, the item still helps because it will only cause Mantid sites to spawn in Pandaria. These are all located in Dread Wastes and Townlong Steppes, cutting down on travel time.

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    how do you get Restored Artifact?

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    Quote Originally Posted by sabag123 View Post
    how do you get Restored Artifact?
    Pandaria generic solves (think of them as the "grey items" of previous areas) can be boxed up into a generic restored artifact, which is essentially a currency item at Archaeology vendors. So you do pandaria solves, you get restored artifacts, turn them in for Tol'vir fragments. Or other things.
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    Un'goro also has a few fossil digsites in it. If you get tired of trying to force Eastern Kingdom digsites.

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