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    encounter tips

    Was wondering if anyone had/knows of a guide for encounters and how to maximize dps for boomkin on each tot boss for both heroic/normal versions. I'm just now returning to boomkin and have limited time to get ready for heroic modes so looking to cram as much as possible before then.

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    I took a break when 5.2 hit and came back for 5.3, and found this somewhat helpful from a utility point of view (some dps tips too) when I had to jump in:

    My dps was way behind my groups at first, but I was on top of mechanics and brought healing and utlity instead of dps tunnel vision. Your dps will be suboptimal for your first few pulls as you feel out the best timing for your particular group.

    In general, get to the next eclipse as fast as possible to maximize dps.
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    Tip one is to read up on the fights, watch them unfold, either on video or other means, and memorize the main timers.
    Use this memory to plan ahead. Don't sit around waiting for icewall to spawn on Durumu, f.ex, but be a few casts away from Lunar eclipse, pop starfall when they spawn and dot away. Your DPS will not go SUPER high, but the walls will die quickly.

    That is how I've always done it. Research on your own first, and then read what others suggest (like Auloria's link)

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    What bosses does the group have on farm, and what will you be working on now? As far as I know, that EJ thread has the only consolidated bits of information I've been able to find, so writing everything out for you here would probably take hours. If you could narrow it down to a few, I'll try to tell you how I did it (if I'm as far as you), and maybe others will jump on the bandwagon at that point and start fleshing some useful information.

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    It's not possible to read up anymore on the fights at this point I've studied them as much as I can w/o actually trying them. I'm coming from a 2/13 H playing my hunter but this guild will benefit more from a boomkin so I opted to work on gearing and learning to come in line with where they are (7/13 H) so it's going to be a big a jump and I know nothing beats practice and actually seeing the encounter. Right now they are working on council but my first "trial" is with their alt raid tomorrow in normal tot and ofcourse I can't get any gear to drop for me and I've only been able to get 486 ilvl os far and dps seems low to me. Are there any good boomies who post pov vids that anyone could recommend. I think the boomie community could definitely benefit from some type of guide that everyone could contribute to that could help out new/current boomies on encounters. I'm thinking along the lines of this simple but an effective start

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    I've actually been writing up one of these, but it kind of went from a quick post to 2 pages worth of information; there are just so many little things we can do on most of the fights to squeeze out a bit more awesome. Maybe I'll try to get back to it.

    As for the POV videos, have you tried the ones at If you scroll down on the home page, you'll see a YouTube icon next to the boss names. You can click that, and then filter the list by class and spec. Heroic Horridon alone has something like 38 Boomkin POV videos. Hopefully you can find something in there that will help you out.

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