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    Quote Originally Posted by Gandrake View Post
    if a 6 minute scarlet monastery run is a part of the problem i dont want to be a part of the solution
    What if I told you, Tanks could pull trash and it could still be a 6 minute run.

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    Yep, you get some stick... but you need to develop some kind of defence so you can block it and not let it harm you, or the others in the group.

    I remember in Vanilla I was levelling an alt Prot Warrior, I got in a group in for Scarlet monestary Cathedral/Liberary (cant remember which) and we had a Mage in the group... he argued with me over who should pull... he used the excuse "my frostbolt/fireball has a longer range than your bow" to win the arguement.
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    You have a certain ability when being the tank, it's called the insta queue. Some tanks abuse this and are the jerks. However it means your threats aren't so empty. usually "Then you do it" will work, because the dps will not kick you and wait 15 min for another tank
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    Quote Originally Posted by ringpriest View Post
    World of Warcraft started life as a Computer Roleplaying Game, where part of the fun of the game experience was pretending to be your character. Stuff like applying poisons and eating food enhanced the verisimilitude of the experience of playing a fantasy character in another world. Now that game has changed to become a tactical arcade lobby game.

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    Tanking is my favorite role, and I've probably tanked 85% of the instances I've entered over the years - some of them really well, some of them really poorly. Thing is, you're performing a role that no one else currently in the group can do, unless they want to respec and slap on tank gear, which they're welcome to do if they're that much better than me. Other than that, don't let what people may say get to you. Just do the best you can, strive to learn and improve, and become a good tank that people can enjoy grouping with.

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    Players with bad attitudes are nothing more than just players with bad attitudes whether they play a tank, DPS or healer.

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    Quote Originally Posted by VeganHunter View Post
    I started a tank this week.... a Tauren pally.

    I have never really been a tank in 8 years, though I did try it before but I was pretty bad, so I gave it up.

    So today, I was tanking my 2nd dungeon - Deadmines - and the healer DC'd. We were at the section in the foundry..... Literally within seconds of a new healer joining us the new healer says "Get tanking you fat ass cow". And then he starts telling me to use the "AOE HAMMER", and get my shit together.... well, what the dumbass didn't get was that that doesn't come until level 20, and I was level 18. Still am, in fact.

    So, I got pissed and told him to kiss my fat cow ass and I rage quit...... which sucked because nobody else was complaining, and I sort of screwed them, but I'm not about to help some idiot who wants to be a jerk, and especially so since he doesn't even know I CAN'T cast, as he called it, the "AOE HAMMER".

    I don't think I have the temperament to be a tank..... especially if I have 72 more levels of idiots.
    Not 1 thing you mentioned was a tank specific thing. Nice QQ though.

    You meet 1 asshole healer and you go cry on the forum instantly...brilliant. Grow a pair.

    Quote Originally Posted by Killadrix View Post
    Players with bad attitudes are nothing more than just players with bad attitudes whether they play a tank, DPS or healer.
    I'm not convinced the other party members were actually bad people. Sounds more like they were trying to help and the OP has the "you so elitist" thing going on.

    I banter random pugs all the time.
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    People can be assholes in the game. Nothing new here. But you can prevent it, wanna know how? BE THE BEST PLAYER IN THE GROUP. No matter what role you're playing, be the best player there. I literally NEVER get called out because there is nothing to call me on. Players arent going to just be asshole just to be assholes if there is nothing to be assholes about. BUT, if you give them even an inch, show the slightest noobiness and they will overreact and turn into monster dicks. So don't give them that inch. Simple. Get better.

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    Every player should be made to tank and or heal through a few levels in LFD. Maybe that way we'll weed out any potential toxic behaviour with the enlightenment of sympathy and empathy.

    And yeah, a lot of tanks are very jaded.

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    Tanks aren't jerks because of this, but because of the dps pulling "for the tank".

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    If someone tells me how to tank I just ignore them, luckily you can turn the chat off.
    HOWEVER when I tank I set the pace, I do the pulling, unless I specificaly ask someone to pull for me. If people don't like it and start pulling themselves I watch them die and if they don't die (which happens with heirloom packed chars) I quit without explanation under assumption that I wasn't needed there anyways.
    Am I a jerk? Maybe... but I play the game for fun and it's no fun trying to get agro from 2 diffrent dps who ninja pull all the time.

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    I don't really have this problem because in all 5 mans outside of BC Heroics and early Cata heroics I'm the tank who regardless of gear level zergs through the instance like a speeding freight train who doesn't give the DPS time to actually appear on damage meters and makes the healer wonder why they didn't swap to DPS at the beginning.

    The only tank spec that I didn't feel quite as godlike on was a feral druid, but playing a prot warrior/prot paladin/blood dk/brewmaster through randoms might as well be typing /godmode into console chat if you're confident in your skills. A confident tank just simply doesn't give their healers/dps a chance to try and set the pace themselves.

    When picking up a tank spec, look at your skills. Take note of your mitigation skills, healing skills, stuns, disarms, interrupts, silences, everything. Tanks are amazingly self sustainable these days and have so many ways to keep themselves alive and to keep mobs from being able to do any form of significant damage. Nothing is more frightening than a prot warrior gathering everything and dumping shockwave on them or a brewmaster gathering everything and unleashing a keg smash/breath of fire/leg sweep barrage of death. I know that a lot of these skills come as you level but generally the toolkit you have access to scales with the content that you're doing.

    Get used to having your health fluctuate too, it won't happen much in 5 mans if you're playing to a high potential but you'll need it in raids when you start getting hit by bosses. Be confident in your ability to save yourself and your healers ability to save you. I had healers on Primordius LFR once though who didn't cast a single heal on me for over 20 seconds and I still eventually dropped, but it happens and if you're confident then you know that you were taking a non-excessive amount of damage and that you did everything you could to prolong your death.

    Get used to knowing that with the current threat model as long as you are hitting something semi-regularly, you are probably going to keep threat on it. If you're at the level where you don't really have AoE skills then just rotate single target attacks and taunts across targets and your DPS won't have a chance to pull off of you. IF someone manages to pull off of you in a 5 man, just rip it back to yourself and make it your primary threat focus, unless it's just going to drop within seconds anyway.

    Before long you'll have healers asking you if they are even needed in the run or dps asking you to slow down and give them a chance. Your power as a tank scales with your confidence and if you can become a god amongst player characters if you get your mind in the right space.

    EDIT: With pets that taunt, just let the pets die, after having to ressurect it a few times the player will either bitch (source of entertainment for you) or fix up their autocast.
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    You get alot of Horrible people in low level dungeons. I have come across it everytime.

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    Why didn't you just vote kick him? If he was brand-new to the group... your group probably would have sided with you...
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    Quote Originally Posted by Myrandron View Post
    I get this people can be serious jerks I've gotten it before, though it's normally with a dps. Usually if I'm getting annoyed with a dps that keeps pulling I just let them die then save everyone else, with a healer though ehh that's a different story unless you know you can survive. I feel like tanks deserve to be a bit of an ass considering the shit people give them for one slip up.
    You chose the role, you where not forced or coerced. Therefore you deserve nothing, hold no special right or privilege to be a cunt. You deserve to be treated with the same level of decency as any other player.

    Tank apologists (oh his a tank so its ok. Oh his a tank, of course he has the power) piss me off to no end. I'm sorry you got a bad healer, but thats life and you did not handle the situation well
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    It's always very satisfying to pull and kill stuff without a tank because he's too busy calling everyone retards. They usually shut up after few packs when they realize they are utterly useless and the group manages just fine without them.

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    Quote Originally Posted by VeganHunter View Post
    So, I got pissed and told him to kiss my fat cow ass and I rage quit......
    so you became part of the problem, not the solution?

    all you had to do was not be a bitch and explain what you typed here and continued on tanking the way you wanted too/only way you could. You handled this situation bad and helped reinforce the other 4 players that tanks are immature 14yr olds who rage quit at first glance.

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    I am totally with the OP last 2 toons have been tanks (prot pally and currently on a BrW monk) and people are complete douches in dungeons. noone wants to let the tank pull mobs, and noone wants to wait on dps for a few seconds to let the tank gather up a big gorup of mobs; they all just light into their AoE spells and then cry when they pull threat. And it's not like I am a slow tank...I make huge pulls because I know what I am doing. It's the idiots who start dpsing when I body pull that cause me aggravation.

    I have a macro that I use at the beginnign of every dungeon. "This is for all you new people. I only have 2 rules: 1) There's nna be 1 peed: mine. Don't step up if you can't keep up, you'll just die. 2) You pull it, you tank it. That is all.

    This is about 65% for the lols and 35% serious. I usually give people 1 free pass if they do a bad tab target or accidently body pull, but I give them a warning. I have happily done several instances where I have just followed the hero dps who wanted to pull everythign and got free loot and free xp. My philosophy is: tnaks may not be needed at low levels, but they sure are at max level. Play your lvl 25 like a 90, it instills good habits. People who are idiots at level 25 tend to be idiots at 90, and I am teaching them a lesson. I have watched countless dps die because they though they could tank better than me (especially when I whisper the healer and the healer doesn't bail them out). My runs can be as flawlessly fast as ou could ever imagine, or as painfully long and slow as I choose to make them. Bottom line is, if you want to tank, roll on, otherwise, let the goddamn tank do his job.

    Bonus points for those who get the 2 references in my tanking macro.

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    This is another thing that shows how the community in WoW has gone down the drain. I am not saying the game was better before or anything but the community as a whole was so much better and most people did actually play together to get through things.
    Today people have no patience and are very rude most of the time.
    Just another reason why I dont play anymore.

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    Quote Originally Posted by VeganHunter View Post
    I don't think I have the temperament to be a tank..... especially if I have 72 more levels of idiots.
    Dont worry everyone will just tell u to ignore it and get a thick skin... Apparently the toxic community is acceptable in Wow and everyone must learn to live with it...

    God forbid if anyone suggested making a stand against these idiots!

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    Tanks aren't jerks, communities like this makes players jerks

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