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    Quote Originally Posted by VeganHunter View Post
    I started a tank this week.... a Tauren pally.

    I have never really been a tank in 8 years, though I did try it before but I was pretty bad, so I gave it up.

    So today, I was tanking my 2nd dungeon - Deadmines - and the healer DC'd. We were at the section in the foundry..... Literally within seconds of a new healer joining us the new healer says "Get tanking you fat ass cow". And then he starts telling me to use the "AOE HAMMER", and get my shit together.... well, what the dumbass didn't get was that that doesn't come until level 20, and I was level 18. Still am, in fact.

    So, I got pissed and told him to kiss my fat cow ass and I rage quit...... which sucked because nobody else was complaining, and I sort of screwed them, but I'm not about to help some idiot who wants to be a jerk, and especially so since he doesn't even know I CAN'T cast, as he called it, the "AOE HAMMER".

    I don't think I have the temperament to be a tank..... especially if I have 72 more levels of idiots.
    I feel your pain OP the DPS/healers like that are why i quit tanking.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Radio View Post
    I don't really have this problem because in all 5 mans outside of BC Heroics and early Cata heroics I'm the tank who regardless of gear level zergs through the instance like a speeding freight train who doesn't give the DPS time to actually appear on damage meters and makes the healer wonder why they didn't swap to DPS at the beginning.
    That's my goal in dungeons, inspired by the person who introduced me to WoW. The first many times I tanked, I brought a healer with me that I knew could handle my terrible tanking, but once I got past that, why should I take it slow?

    Now, some people are still ungrateful while levelling. I always chain pull the entire dungeon, pull whatever I can survive, still someone feels it's not enough, pulls extra mobs that I'm 40+ yards away from and blames me for not tanking them or even pulling them in the first place because he wants to kill all trash in the instance. He dies, I move on, he comes back, runs in front of me and pulls literally everything that's left in the instance, so I leave and /ignore. It doesn't always get that bad, but it's part of the reason why I don't feel like tanking at low levels anymore. It's just a waste of time when I can heal instead.

    My advice is to go with a healer friend while you're still getting used to tanking. It makes it easier to coordinate chain pulls.

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    Tank is a personality able to endure both enemy and friendly fire.

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    Never had much issues. Mainly cause I don't care what idiots say.
    I go into an instance and tank it. I do it at my own pace (which is quite high), and if someone decides i'm not doing well enough and want to pull themselves, i let them. If they die, it's also their problem.
    As for healers.. As long as they do heal me, they can spout whatever bullshit they want. Rightclick + ignore is easy.

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    I don't think you're cut out for LFG if you let little shit like that piss you off so easily.

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    Simply by ignoring trash talk makes things easier. Everyone should roll a tank or two, then they would understand why some tanks stop tanking when someone ninja pulls etc, it's just plain annoying but most of the times ignoring useless talk makes things easier - tank->kill->loot->yaaaay.

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    Quote Originally Posted by JackTheLad View Post
    Tank is a personality able to endure both enemy and friendly fire.
    Wisest words ever said on this forum! lol

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    Don't worry, only a million more of them, along with DPS needing on your Tank loot so they can hop into LFR and afk. Also the Healers that decide to go DPS and tell undergeared DPS to heal. The life of a tank is fun.

    RIP The Mythic Dream

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    It's a bit sad to see so many people in this thread advise the OP to not talk, ignore chat, not care what others think etc. Then again, I suppose this is the efficient way to deal with toxic players nowadays, with the LFG tools available.

    OP - don't give up. Tanking is awesome. It's the players that choose to be jerks; nothing to do with the role they play. You might get the impression tanks are more arrogant, but it's mostly because in almost every group tanks are the most visible and you notice their behaviour the most.

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    Heh, yeah. There's bad things for tanks.

    I just put on some music and go with my speed, if the DPS ninja pulls or anything, then they'll have to pay the price. As a paladin, you can handle quite alot. Just some group members expects that everything will be available if needed, such as the OP mentioned, Hammer of Righteous.

    It's just, stand strong and firm. Don't become like some others. There's 3 kind of tanks during levelling. The grumpy/annoyed ones, the ones the takes their time and do what is actually to be done... and then the ones thast gets scared away from tanking due to other peoples interactions with him.
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    Aaaand that's why Paladins are/were awesome.
    There's really two options: 1) You pull a crap ton of mobs, get close to the party and then bubble to make them wipe. 2) This used to be awesome back in TBC, you pull the boss and all the possible adds you can find and bubblehearth to safety

    But then again, there's the freaking LFG tool so you can't make people simply disband because they don't want to spend an hour looking for a tank :/ But yeah, you can still kill them around a bit.

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    Today playing tank is much easier than tanking in vanilla and TBC. But I think the problem is the new healer's bad manner.

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    I don't tank often but when I do I often lay some ground rules before the dungeon begins. I know its super annoying a lot of the time for people but hey...

    The tank and healer dictate the pace of the dungeon. Tank is sole puller. If you don't like it or don't follow my requests, I will leave. I am not going to get abused in a game that i pay for by some 15 year old idiot. Too old and too little patience and time for that.

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    Regardless of your job in the party (tank dps healer), if someone is a jerk - they will pick on you.

    Ignore list helps, kick voting them helps, or just continuing the instance without paying attention to what they are saying.

    What i can tell you, as far as tanks go, is that you need to strike a balance between fast and big pack pulls - and the maximum capabilities of your healer and dps.

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    Why did I stop tanking dungeons since Cata? Cause of either DPS ninja-pulling or Plate DPS always NEEDING on TANKING gear/trinkets.

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    Its true. As a tank, you need your jimmies to remain thoroughly unrustled. Be as stone-faced hardboiled as your armor rating, my friend.
    If World of Warcraft has taught me anything, it's that teaching a crowd something is far harder than teaching individuals.

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    I've put my tank on the back burner just now. I will tank, love it, then it will start getting to me and I will quit, but I the urge to tank will get too much and I will jump back in.

    What annoys me is the ninja pullers. I used to just let them go and die to teach them. Sadly with most cata and mop hcs, they get by fine without me, on trash at least, which sucks big time.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Falconblade View Post
    I just generally respond with "If you want to Tank, go for it" and watch them die.
    That used to be a viable solution, but nowadays even the most fail of hunters and mages can essentially solo low-level dungeons. The days of pulling aggro leading to instant death are LONG gone, at least while leveling.

    This is probably the most frustrating thing for me while leveling a tank, everybody else wants to pull and do your job for you. People just go crazy attacking anything that moves without really allowing you to get things done and learn how to fulfill your role. You don't really get the full picture until you start to get close to max level, unfortunately.

    So you've got 75 levels of people yelling at you for going too slow, yelling at you for going too fast, yelling at you for pulling too much, yelling at you for pulling too little, other people pulling mobs from who knows where, facepulling even more mobs, people who pull half the dungeon with their pet, DPS who think that stealing your aggro actually makes them good dps, and then Blizzard scratches their heads and wonders why there's a tank shortage and nobody wants to do it.

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    Remember that you are there to lead the group and that most issues easily can be settled if you keep your temper. Instead of "FU STOP PULLING DUMBASS!!!", or responding to stuff like that healer said by rage quitting, a simple; "guys, it might take two minutes longer than you are use to but let me pull at a rate that I am comfortable with, in the end it might even turn out to be the speediest option. =)".

    Macro that, but with proper grammar and language, and I promise you that you'll have the majority of the group on your side and that foul language soon will change to humble tips and requests.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sthu View Post
    Remember that you are there to lead the group
    No, you're there to tank the mobs. The group leader is there to lead the group.

    This is part of the problem - every raiding tank knows that they are expected on launch day to know the fine details and a good strategy of every fight in the instance, and that if they make a mistake and die then they're awful but if a dps or healer does it then it counts as a learning curve and a mistake. People expect the tank to do everything and whilst most of the tanks who've been doing it for years and are established have and can do this easily and have no problems taking a leadership and tactical role; people coming into it new who then get people that expect that from a tank and then get arsey when they can't deliver the whole package, is extraordinarily offputting. The expectation is not fair and does not reflect reality.

    Back at Cata start I had that. I've been since BC and know what I'm doing. I'd been bear tanking in WOTLK too. Dinged, started a heroic dungeon with the guild. This was when Swipe and Thrash had a shared CD and bears were going mad and getting AOE aggro was nigh on impossible if the dps outgeared you and didn't use threat drops. I had a mage in the guild who was just treating it like a WOTLK heroic and getting upset at how holding aggro was a nightmare, kept dieing and then became patronising. The tank doesn't need to be in control of the group but he does need to be in control of the enemies, and when that was more difficult, getting dps berating you who did nothing to help themselves almost made me quit bear tanking.

    It's so demoralizing and you don't realise until you're actually struggling yourself
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    Also a vegetable is a person.
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    I dont care if they [gays] are allowed to donate [blood], but I think we should have an option to refuse gay blood if we need to receive blood.

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