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    Priest Tier 16

    So fellow priests, the new tier was revealed today!

    I just want to know what everyone's thoughts are on the new tier look.

    What do you guys think?

    Good? Bad? Robotic Chicken Look?

    What are your thoughts?

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    Loving it, priest looks and can't wait to start farming it
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    chinese robotic chicken.
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    It's horrible. I wonder what's the name of the Tier set. Featherly Shoulders with Chicken Head Set.

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    Yep it is horrible, it makes me fearful of the rest of the tier sets.

    Thank goodness for transmog.

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    After I saw the PvP season set, I knew the PvE set would look like garbage....and it is. Tyrael shoulders or these wooden looking things...not a tough choice.

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    It is quite possibly the lamest Priest tier set ever. I literally love every other priest tier set, but this one looks like a crappy leather set that has been recycled. on another note the New PVP season gear looks sick nasty.

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    Robes aren't so bad, but shoulders/helm are retarded. Also, what's with the heroic color scheme?! Red/Gold is fine, but why the aqua trim? Makes no sense. It's ugly. If this game didn't have transmog I'd have quit long ago, lol
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    I like the PvE set, tought the blue one is ugly.

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    It's almost the worst tier look ever (tier15 being the worst), this shit has nothing to do with priests at all, coloursheme is terrible and the shoulders..../chicken?
    I don't even want to know how this will look on an Undead if it looks this terrible on a Human...

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    Best priest tier of the expansion, but that's not saying much considering how awful T14 and 15 are.
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    I like the colors on the heroic version, it reminds me vaguely of Tier 1. The others have nothing priestly about them - very druidic/shamanistic. The shoulders are technically wings, but seems to obey the letter of the law more than the spirit.

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    Imo best set for long long time.

    Maybe its only my imagination but this set remind me style of HoMM 5 D: dunno why >.>

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    It's ugly as sin - has no relation or context to a priest, the class, holy powers or shadow powers. At least Tier 15 had a remote relation to our class, but this chicken suit is ridiculous. As was aptly mentionned earlier - good thing we have transmogs. The S14 PvP set is infinitely better.

    EDIT: After looking at it again, I think I found what throws me off so much - the helm design is horrible. The shoulders aren't 'bad' per say and may look like angel wings (if you squint really hard), but that helm... eeesh.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Sakamae View Post
    After I saw the PvP season set, I knew the PvE set would look like garbage....and it is. Tyrael shoulders or these wooden looking things...not a tough choice.
    I must admit this was my fear when I first saw the PvP set too. Sad to say those fears have been realised and then some with the unveiling of this set. I really don't like it. I don't like the look and I really don't like the colour schemes. T14 (imo) has been the only halfway decent set this expansion.

    It definitely seems more Druidy this set as well.

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    Pve one is hideous. Pvp one on the other hand, seems absolutely amazing, worth doing pvp (that I strongly dislike) to farm the gear pieces for transmog.

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    As it stands, I'm not impressed. I agree with the others, it looks more "Druid" than "Priest". I don't mind the clean mogu/titanic look if thats what they're going for, but this just doesn't make me say "Wow, that looks nice."

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    Awful. I don't think any of the T16 or S14 gear has looked decent, but it might grow on me.

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    It might help if the human male in the example didn't have his eyes popping wide open. The warrior tier posted at the same time looks fantastic, and this priest tier looks absurd.

    I can hold out very small hope it looks better in game, or with other helm combinations or something, or that Blizzard simply improves it, but maybe a better hope is that offpieces will make decent xmogs.

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    Yay. My set bonus is crappy and the armor is ugly. /passes tier to warlocks and pallies.

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