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    Just a simpel answer


    I just recently startet playing shadow priest. And my DPS is no where near what I would have liked. I'm offcause comparing my DPS with the rest of my raidteam, and they all have both 4 set bonus and meta gem (some got the cloak aswell, but I'm no where near that)
    My question is, how much ekstra DPS will I get, when I get my 4 set and my meta gem.

    I know it's not a simpel question as I startet in my titel, but I'm not looking for a pricise number, but just an est. value.
    5k, 10k, 20k?

    I hope some kind shadow priest know, and are willing to help a noob priest alittle

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    It would help a lot to be able to see logs and an armory link too see what needs to be worked on, Its possible you can get a solid increase just from changing a few things in your rotation.

    Just a rough estimate though, depending on the fight, I saw an increase of between 10-30% increase in dps with the meta gem. 2pc is worth varrying amounts depending on the fight, most of the time I'm seeing around a 5k increase from it. On a fight like horridon however, its closer to 30-40k. 4pc is kinda meh, but same idea, its worth more on add fights.
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    Simple answer: there isn't one.

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    What is your armory link? What level are you (I'm guessing 90, since you mentioned raid team), but if you're doing 5, 10, 20k DPS you should give this thread a read because your DPS should be well above that, even in heroic blues.
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    I'm not just doing 20k DPS.. I'm just not doing quit enough.

    Logs from last night : http://www.worldoflogs.com/reports/0...um/damageDone/
    Armory : http://eu.battle.net/wow/en/characte...Eledwen/simple

    Edit: This is OP posting btw. Just using my boyfriends user.
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    Dont use PI for every single boss (and when you actually use it, do it, ~7% uptime on it its just bad.), its bad idea, same for lvl90 talent. One of basic things for spriest are changing talents depends on fight.
    Even with uvls&2set haste is still superior over another stats.
    You're forgetting about Lvl 90 talent, Twin Consort - 6min 36s = 396s = 6 used Halo, its 1 for 66s, similary on other fights.

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    Yeah not the best uptime for my PI / Halo... I'll work on that, but I've tryed using DI on some fights, but I don't realy see an improvement on my DPS.

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