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Thread: Quest pacing

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    Quote Originally Posted by Airwaves View Post
    Why? i have failed to see one downfall of CRZ. Hell i have leveled a few players and only been ganked a few times. If having other players around is the problem then an mmo isn't a place for you.

    Hi, I play the game that I pay the way I like not the way you like. If I don't like something I avoid it. I don't care about your opinion or anyone else.

    If I don't like CRZ I'll avoid it.

    I dislike CRZ because it just gives me an illusion of "more players" with absolutly no benefit (at least for me).

    Quote Originally Posted by FuxieDK View Post
    Quests were PERFECT in TBC..
    You had 5-10 quests in a hub (sometimes even more), but it was still tied to a lot of lore, if you bothered reading the quests..
    In WotLK, it was already dupd down too much, and by Cata, you had zero choice on how to do your quests.

    TBC also had hard quests, with Elite mobs. You could easily save them for later, where friends could help you. WotLK only had very few of these in Icecrown, and they were so late in the zone, that you were already 80 (and thus most people already stopped levelling) and could easily be in raid gear, when you got to the quests, and you could solo them, even though they were marked as 5man quests..
    Oh ya I completly forgot about BC zones. I loved Hellfire and Zangarmarsh.
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    Both, I really liked the quest progression in the dread wastes for this exact reason. You have the main hub then smaller quest chains for the paragons while still returning from time to time to pick up a new set (and you can start dailies at 89 instead of 90, that was pretty cool).
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    I used to love questing and the few hidden gems you find along the way. Its almost impossible now to stay within an area to complete a zone before actually outleveling the place which is a disappointment. Such great stuff out there, alot of it skipped

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    I lean more towards linear, but i also loved questing in wrath. Id say a mix of the two leaning more towards cata style. Mop is a mix of cata and wath leaning way into cata territory. Lean a bit more to wrath and questing will be perfect imo.

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    I much prefer the questing of vanilla zones in WoW. Sure there was more downtime, but the downtime is needed to let everything that you're doing soak in imo, questing is way too fast now, and the quests have changed for the worse after cataclysm because you have a game that's trying to take you into this special fantasy world but then the quests constantly throw pop culture references in each zone and it just takes you out of the world (see uldum, and westfall for a zone that went from being my favorite to being my least favorite zone in the game)

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