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    If I could make an expansion that would actually bring me back to wow hmm, thats a toughie. It would take alot to get me interested and enthralled again like i used to be.

    I wouldnt really care what the theme was as long as it didnt have to do with fire or deserts. Fire has been done way too many times within the game already, and deserts are some of the most boring zones in any mmo. Its pretty obvious the next xpack will be a legion based one (which is interesting story wise, but mechanics are what will bring me back not the theme. I can experience the story through mmo champion for free).

    Some features that could bring me back would be :

    Raid scaling that has a minimum of 2 people so small guilds and friends can actually raid together. Make anything below 5 people not require a healer

    Reintroduction of the vanilla wow pvp ranking system with faster bgs (10 min wsg, 15 min arathi basin etc)

    Introduction of a 4th spec to every class that would increase the number of roles the class can fill (ex. tanking mages, healing warriors)

    A out of dungeon path of gearing a character through hard group quests and challenging solo encounters, giving people the option to gear up through grouping with your own server.

    reduced development of battlepets and more focus on dungeons. Im talking about barebones on the battlepets, no further development on it except adding new pets.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Reyzzz View Post
    Doesn't make any sense. Why would the naga/Azshara raise anything from the oceanfloor?
    Because Azshara is in charge, she used to be queen of the land under starlight, and she's crazyflakes enough to want to be queen under starlight again regardless of how it happens. Who's going to tell her 'no' if she wants to raise her kingdom to the surface?

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    Really am interested to see an Expansion about the Emerald Dream, like alot of people hope for.
    Emerald Dream has always been tied around certain events, and quite a few landmarks about it.
    I would love to be able to explore a Dreamy, Dark, Forest-land with hidden mysteries at every turn.
    Certainly eliminates the problem of no more zones in Azeroth, since we can use a Portal/Gateway into this realm (similar to Outlands).
    Although at this current expansion, seems to be hinted alot about Kil'Jaden and his Burning Legion.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Golden Yak View Post
    Because Azshara is in charge, she used to be queen of the land under starlight, and she's crazyflakes enough to want to be queen under starlight again regardless of how it happens. Who's going to tell her 'no' if she wants to raise her kingdom to the surface?
    It's possible, but she wanted to take over the Abyssal Maw, and capture Neptulon, so she would have control of the seas. It's suggested in some quests she wants to drown the world and make Azeroth all for the Naga.

    But having sunken temples and such raised up would be cool to see as well.
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    Quote Originally Posted by thesmall001 View Post
    Classes? On a similar vein, I'd love to see a whole bunch of Hero Specs for each class. Some even being Race specific. So Hunters would get a 4th Spec; Shadow Hunter for Troll and Dark Ranger for Undead and Ranger for Blood Elf. The Hero Specs wouldn't really be special other than occasionally being Race-Affected, they'd just be 4th and a half specs.
    I do like this idea... Be tough to balance, maybe if it was mostly cosmetic (ie, spells have different names but do the same thing, class looks different). Maybe each hero spec has a different offensive cooldown and filler attack or something.

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    Questing almost completely removed, leveling through solo scenarios with an actual story.

    Yeah, that's pretty much all I want in addition to updated character models.

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    Koltira escapes from the clutches of Sylvanas and takes with him evidence of her experimenting on members of the Horde including Garrosh(or his remains if we kill him in siege) as well as communicating with the Defias Brotherhood and Dark Iron Dwarves. This leads to civil unrest among the Horde as well as the Alliance and eventually Sylvanas and the new and improved Garrosh are forced to flee along with Orcs and Forsaken still loyal to them.

    Along with half the Orcs and Forsaken, Garrosh and Sylvanas are joined by the Defias Brotherhood, Dark Iron Dwarves, and the Leper Gnomes and being pursued by both the Alliance and Horde flee to Blackrock Mountain and other underground/hidden places throughout Azeroth including part of the Nerubian kingdom in Northrend.

    Sylvanas has discovered a way to control some of the undead formerly controlled by the Lich King as well as being able to convert new species to undeath and begins an assault on the remaining living Nerubians to bolster her army as well as to have a larger kingdom. This has forced the remaining living Neruians to flee and join the Horde and Alliance.

    New things in the expansion:

    New Faction: Armies of Sylvanas- playable races are Forsaken, Orc, Human, Leper Gnome, Dwarf, Feral Worgen, and Undead Nerubian.
    Major Zones: Blackrock Mountain- Contains the Racial capitals for Orcs and Dwarves and starter zones for Orcs, Dwarves, Humans, Leper Gnomes.
    Azjol-Nerub- Contains the Faction capital and starter zones for Forsaken, Nerubians, and Feral Worgen.
    Southern Ahn'Qiraj- Contains the racial capital for Humans and Leper Gnomes who were sent there by Sylvanas to get a foothold in Kalimdor and to add more bugs to her army.

    All characters of this Faction start out at lvl 75 and lvl exclusively on Azeroth till 90.(mostly in underground zones)

    New Race: Nerubian- All three factions get it.

    PVP: All current Bg's are converted to CoT bgs. Alliance and Horde players can either queue up to aide their faction or be randomly placed on a side under a disguise. The new faction will be randomly placed on one side or the other.

    All new BG's will either be all three factions fighting each other or horde and alliance vs the new faction.
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    Quote Originally Posted by wombinator04 View Post
    Anything Lich King or Northrend related and I'll be happy.
    But... we did that already...

    Quote Originally Posted by wombinator04 View Post
    Also and 90-100. I hate the 5 level increments. Just means more linear leveling where there's almost absolutely no zone choice.

    Cata at least had Hyjal and vashjir, but MOP is incredibly linear, you don't have a choice. And no I'm not counting pre 5.3 xp nerf.
    Huh? TBC and Wrath were linear as well, in Wrath you could choose between your two sets of start zones is all. I think maybe you could skip one zone in TBC? Same in MoP, where you can basically skip either V4W or Krasarang. Or maybe another zone. And how is 5 less levels MORE leveling?
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    Going back in time to some time before the war of the ancients or so.

    That would be AWESOME.

    Also the about 5 expacs later "The Return of the King" where you go to a revamped Northerend with a new underground zone the Nerubian kingdom and the new Lich King.

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    Call of the Titans

    In recent years, the Burning Legion has suffered two powerful defeats on the world of Azeroth. While the mortals have moved on and battled other great threats, the immortal Legion is still reeling from these defeats. Recognizing this, the Titans have gathered their allies to launch an offensive against the Legion. The Observers have been dispatched across the cosmos to gather forces for the Titan army. Algalon has returned to Azeroth. But he has not come for the dragons, as the Titans expect. He has come to recruit mortals.


    Azeroth has fallen (to the Legion, Old Gods, whatever) and the Titans have reoriginated the world, wiping away countless millennia of mortal history and reverting the world to a primordial state. But the mortal races refused to die, and have found their way through the powers of the transformation to stand upon the wild new world. You, a great champion in the before world, must help your people carve out a new life and tame the wilds in...The World of Warcraft II.

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    I want to see playable ogres, demon hunters as a class, and cross-faction play so everyone can play together and the story can actually progress.

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    Uh lets see what is left on my list of stuff I want in the game

    Playable Ethereal and Ogres

    South Seas and some incite on the Titans that isn't vague as hell.

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    Anything regarding The Burning Legion, it would be awesomesauce!
    Everything is awesome -sings-

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