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    If the transmog gear on the shop was already in the game files would it be better?

    one of the main reasons i see alot of people complaining about the transmog helms is that they believe it is taking away time from current stuff.

    well blizzard has hundreds of unused weapons and armor models just sitting in the game.

    if blizzard used those instead of making new models would you prefer that?

    if they were just models that have been sitting in the game for years would that be something you are more interested in?

    would you like to see unused models on the blizzstore?
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    People will complain on matter what blizz does. than love the hell out of it 2 months later. LFD LFR T-mog the new talent system. everything.
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    If they really want to bring in a cash shop for transmog gear. The gear should be available in both the shop and in the game much like most other F2P cash shops. Just make the cash shop the short cut to getting the look faster but still make people able to get them in game just make it take longer.

    It annoys me that the helms look so cool yet every rogue set this expansion has looked like shit.
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    Absolutely. There are too many unused models in the game already. They shouldn't divert time towards making a quick buck with the store.

    Give us new stuff in content, and let us have cool old stuff for a little more.

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    If it was obtainable in any way through the playing the game and the shop would simply be a shortcut, i'd be fine with it. Otherwise, no.

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    I don't like that they tell us we can't have content because there isn't enough art assets, only to find out their artists are busy making items for a cash shop. If the items were already in the game and able to be obtained in game then went up for sale on the cash shop; well to me that would be less outrageous, but not much less. I just don't like the idea of an in game cash shop at all.

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    Shocking news company lies to get money.

    But serious guys you must have all seen this coming as soon as transmorg hit ?

    I will be enjoy my new sweet Fire helm thing :P

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