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    Raid guide information

    For awhile now I've used fatboss as I enjoyed their quirky humor and they were accurate enough to let me lead my raid through content. They announced they are now done with guide videos which is unfortunate. I previously used Tankspot but going to their "Movies" tab on their website seems as if they don't have videos for Iron Qon and up? I have used Icy-veins before as a reference but never as my first source so I do not know how quick/accurate they are on new content. I'm not opposed to reading as long as it's accurate, though the video displaying the mechanics being talked about tends to make things much clearer.

    Question being, now that fatboss broke up with me where do you guys go for accurate information that is up to date enough to have the bosses in current content fleshed out? (IE: not latest video being Dark Animus)

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    One vote for icy-veins, anything else out there?

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    Danger Dolan guides are ok
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    I use Danger Dolan

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    dungeon journal
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