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    disc megaera hc question/help

    me and some friends are buildung up a new progress guild at the moment and we're in the second id and have 6 hc's down and are now by megaera ( best try was 5th rampage ~ )

    i'm very new to disc priest ( roughly 2 weeks; because i rerolled to it for the raidsetup and i was searching for a new main but have only 508 ilvl ) and i have a question for meagera 10 hc and if you can look over my logs if there are some bad mistakes:

    http://www.worldoflogs.com/reports/r...ses&boss=68065 ( all megaera trys)

    my specific question is mainly relating to spirit shell. is it better to have a full spirit shell up when the rampage begins and spam poh during rampage to shield the raid with aegis or should i use spirit shell during rampage to smooth the incoming dmg ?

    here is my armory link if you want to look over it http://eu.battle.net/wow/de/characte...%A1tu/advanced ( i know that disc is going for crit but at this state of my gear i fist wannt to reach ~ 12k spirit before i change gems )

    It would be nice to get some helpful answers

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    Imho your goal with spirit shell should be to get it up before the damage comes in.
    If you shell while your group gets damage you don't really get a benefit over normal poh spam.

    Your group could benefit from a spirit shell while there is damage incoming but only if they are at high hp and some of the poh-heals would be overheal.
    But i dont think that's the case at megaera's rampages.

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    I usually just SShell during the rampage. It's a lot of work to get them off early, and they can easily be eaten by random damage.

    I prefer to just spam shields on some targets before hand, Archangel + S.Shell during rampage, PI every other and save SShell during the Lust head (if you use S.Shell here, you likely WONT have it for the next head)

    Also, Divine Star is your friend, cast it the first tick on Rampage and you can get two off, which is very helpful.

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    you can get 2-3 casts of just before the damage comes in, also have divine star which is very useful for grouped fights, if you can time it so you can fully SS the raid up just before rampage damages then you will get the full benefit from spirit shell but its equally useful to cast during rampage combined with PoM and divine star

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    Look at your best try (06:36):

    - PoM uptime is terrible, (5.5%).
    - You should take Twist of Fate instead of Power Infusion. It will be up for every single rampage. (I usually have ~40% uptime).

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    Quote Originally Posted by Reinforce View Post
    Look at your best try (06:36):

    - PoM uptime is terrible, (5.5%).
    - You should take Twist of Fate instead of Power Infusion. It will be up for every single rampage. (I usually have ~40% uptime).
    Its decent but always stick with PI myself, i'd rather get SS up prior to rampage inc, with PI you can cover it fairly easily and then proceed with Divine Star / PoM & PoH spam, no HPS will be wasted in either sense.

    Edit: Just noticed 10m, not sure if it realistically will change much however, will make the shelling even easier to get max stack before the rampage hits, even though it relies alot on healers kicking the hps, cd's will still play a massive factor in each rampage
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    in 10 man, TOF is significantly better than PI with little argument - you can cap spirit shell quickly in 10s, and the TOF bonus gives you stronger PWS spam/dstar. it also gives you much stronger atonement damage/healing for very little effort. unless you are having extreme mana problems you should be going TOF.

    also, once you cap spirit shell, you should be able to alternate between POH to refresh spirit shells and PWS until your spirit shell ends, at which point transition to PWS in between divine star, POM, and solace. i generally try to pre-cast spirit shell, and cast evangelism right as i start my PWS spamming during the actual rampage, but if you get screwed by a beam right beforehand it may be worth using evangelism with your spirit shell.
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    I start spirit shell as soon as damage starts, then use divine star, prayer of healing pretty much 3 times on each groups alternating then divine star again, refresh prayer of mending when it's off.

    Works wonderfully.
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